Monthly Archives: May 2008

Atlanta 2008 Update #2

More DC folks arriving: Gina Pennington, Paul W, Efraim, Lorraine Rohlik. Lots more on their way! Tonite was Showcase – Robert and Nicola have a routine we haven’t seen before, might be brand new? – slow, oozy romantic. Parker and Jess same amazing routine as at the Open but by now WAY ratcheted up severalContinue Reading

Atlanta 2008 Update #1

Okay, so it’s Friday morning and lots of us DC folks here already: Michael B, Lara Deni and Keith Stremmel to do Classic routine (Keith’s first out-of-town comp is here, Atlanta! Little sister of the USOpen!), Greg and Hannah, James, Melissa G, Kevin and Tammy, Marcus and Deonna, Whitney And Her Two Husbands, Ed Francell,Continue Reading