Monthly Archives: March 2009

Boston Tea Party 2009 Update #1

First of all, I want everyone to know that this morning I received the following text from Alina: “I am shoebag.” Ask Alina to explain it, and whatever she says, I don’t buy it. We’re here at Boston Tea Party. Really only I am here cause GB flies up tomorrow. JetBlue! We love JetBlue –Continue Reading

Boston Tea Party 2009 Update #2

The elevators are possessed! You will get stuck! That is a promise not a prediction. Amy Danziger has been stuck every year! Last year she said THAT’S IT! No more elevators! From now on: only stairs! So she got stuck in the stairwell. Running up and down floors screaming HELLO CAN ANYBODY HEAR ME bangingContinue Reading

Boston Tea Party 2009 Update #3

Friday 6pm and TOTALLY FUN here! And it hasn’t even started yet! Frenzy of buses, vans, taxis, and rental cars! Suitcases, car-seats, coolers, hangers, duffel bags shopping bags all over the driveway!  Dancers crowding through revolving doors! Pizza delivery guys! Everyone speaking French! Okay not everyone.  Almost everyone! Beaucoup de personnes from Quebec! And fromContinue Reading

Boston Tea Party 2009 Update #4

Strictlys were last night! Here are the Finalists: Corey Caron and Erin Caron Dave Damon and Sascha, bouncing back and forth between her adorable Lindy outfit and adorable west-coast outfit Eric Cudmore and Heidi Mongeau Greg and Lemery Jody and Connie Maxence and Veranne Joe Mahoney and Priscilla Brown John Kirkonnell and Jill Dammarco LarryContinue Reading

Chicago Classic 2009 Update #1

About the hotel: not particularly fancy, just a standard Marriott. But it is three miles (10 minutes in the free hotel shuttle) from O’Hare airport which makes life so much easier (unless of course you’re Kelly Hull and fly into the other airport all the way across town, an hour’s trek from the hotel onContinue Reading

MadJam 2009 Update #1

Yallo! Liza here, on our way to Chicago, and now have some time to write about  MadJam … we were way extremely too busy *at* MadJam to even breathe since MadJam is our local event. Great weekend! Friday afternoon I passed Jessica Cox running somewhere and asked if she was having fun (this was herContinue Reading