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US Open 2009 – Update #1

We’re ALREADY having fun! It’s 75 degrees – we’re sitting on our balcony in the warm breeze having a glass of wine and watching the LA skyline below us. WE’RE AT THE USOPEN!!! I am so excited I am beside myself. This is our FIRST TIME at the Open – I’ve been wanting to comeContinue Reading

US Open 2009 – Update #2

How could we NOT be having fun here? For us Easterners coming from 40 degree incessantly rainy weather it is GLORIOUS to be here in this perfectly brilliant dry 80 degree bright blue skies lovely LA gorgeousness! Last night we sat on our balcony with a glass of wine – palm trees waving below us,Continue Reading

US Open 2009 – Update #3

I’m having so much fun I’m shaking, on the verge of tears every minute just from plain astonishment and joy! So much history! Last night’s dancing was FABULOUS! The energy in the ballroom is just crazy! So many cool people: Juniors! Lots and lots!! Sebastien and Blandine and Verane from France arrived last night, SOContinue Reading

US Open 2009 – Update #4

Well, it’s over. What a weekend! Nothing like it. If you love west coast swing, there’s absolutely *nothing* like the Open. Next year will be at a different hotel (in Burbank), which should make it closer for some CA people, and maybe even a little closer to LAX for all the rest of us. InsteadContinue Reading

US Open 2009 – Update #5

Oh, I forgot to mention! Friday night was also Teams! The California Rolls from LA (Sheri-Ann Kang is their choreographer); B.A.D. Ass (acronym for Bay Area Dancers Association! Stacy is their choreographer and they did a hilarious take-off on an 80’s Prom Night); and last of all The Swingheads, a Lindy team of students fromContinue Reading

US Open 2009 – Update #5 oops corrections

Sheesh, ripping things off too fast here, I’m making all kinds of mistakes. Jason and Annmarie dance to Slide, the lovely acoustic version, by the Goo Goo Dolls. It’s Cat and Paul who danced to After Tonight. And it was the wonderful, hilarious California Rolls who did that brilliant piano routine and came out forContinue Reading

Tampa 2009 – Update #1

We’re in Tampa! We’re sitting in our room waiting for the four maintenance guys to finish replacing our toilet which, when we flushed it this morning, erupted in a tidal wave flowing out from the base into the room, out into the hall, and seeping down through the baseboards into the room below. We wouldContinue Reading

Tampa 2009 – Update #2

Well, I DO have time to write at this comp, just nothing yet to write about since nothing has happened all day. I hadn’t realized that this entire day is appallingly schedule-free. Nothing starts until 9 tonight! A whole day of, of, of NOTHING! Maybe to give everyone a chance to spend a day onContinue Reading

Tampa 2009 – Update #3

Pool Party in 15 minutes, except this year it’ll be on the beach. I’m standing on the balcony watching the roadies set up speakers, tables and a floor on the brilliant white sand. More DC folks! Ed Francell, Kelly Laderoute, Greg and Lemery and Dinah! We have a good crowd here! We just finished JJContinue Reading

Tampa 2009 – Update #4

We’re home! We know there *is* a driveway in front of our house, but you couldn’t tell by looking – leaves leaves everywhere! The whole neighborhood smells like leaves! Oh – forgot to mention! ! Much of the weekend was filmed and will be running in a loop through Thursday of this week soContinue Reading