Monthly Archives: May 2010

Atlanta 2010 Update #1

Oh my gawd oh my gawd oh my gawd AUGHGHGHGH!!! Routine divisions this weekend are going to be OFF THE CHARTS! Just heard about Jordan and Tat’s new routine from folks who saw it last weekend at the French Open (there are LOTS of French and uk people here!) and they say it BLOWS YOURContinue Reading

Atlanta 2010 Update #2

Opening Ceremonies! Funny funny Cooter Douglas with a southern accent thickern’ grits. Says he’s on Facebook now, even friends with John Festa, who told him he can now finally understand what Cooter’s saying as long as he’s typing and not talking. Then Grace on the other mic, telling us she’s been dancing since 1989 (CooterContinue Reading

Atlanta 2010 Update #3

JJ Finals!! Novice: (Judges were Debbie Ramsey, Melina, Nicola, Ben, Barry, and Jack) Pamela Benet with James (sorry, too fast for me to catch leaders’ last names) Deanne Nyland with Benjamin Alex Grunwald with oops Kristin Curry with Xavier Dumont Alisa Vidal with uh oh Amber Hicks with Hugo Estelle Bonnaire with Chris Alya FlugerContinue Reading

Atlanta 2010 Update #4

Awards! Ran late last night, almost 11 by the time final good-bye’s and thank-you’s were said! I could listen to Jackie all day, though, she is SO DAGGONE FUNNY – and real, and heart-felt, she’s a natural on a mic. Almost worth the price of admission to hear Jackie talk. So by now I’m sureContinue Reading

Atlanta 2010 Update #5

Social dancing all weekend was SOOO DANG GREAT!! Friday night I drug mahself outta the ballroom at 3am, MAN I didn’t wanna leave but I had already danced one night, JJ’s were the next morning, and we still had two more all-nighters to go so I did the responsible thing and left. But it wasContinue Reading

Atlanta 2010 Update #6

Heard on the mic: Cooter, introducing DJ Butch Metcalf (a very large man): “That thar ee-yuz the original Round Man of Rock. When Butch was a whole lotta years yenger he were a Ladies Man, in’ that right Butch? Had ta beat ‘em off wiffa stick, dincha’ Butch? Things have changed a lil bit now,Continue Reading