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Summer Hummer 2010 Update #1

Summah Hummah up they-ya in Baaston. It has now come and gone. WHAT a fun supah dupah fun weekend! Okay, so results first: Novice/Intermediate Strictly (they were combined) had 43 couples in Prelims – danced all in one heat (or maybe two, can’t remember) in that circle format thing. So kinda hard for the judges,Continue Reading

Summer Hummer 2010 Update #2

Showcase was next on Friday night. Judges were Pussycat Dolls with the addition of two very happy men: Jess, Jen, Rutz, Donna Roesel, Stephanie Batista, and Deborah Szekely … and Doug Rousar and Cordoba. (Chief Judge Maira Pineda). 1. Cody and Tracy Melin – same beautiful routine we’ve now seen for six months or so.Continue Reading

Summer Hummer 2010 Update #3

Saturday Night! The Big Night! Results: First, Rising Star. Judges were Stephanie, Donna Roesel, Jessica, Melissa, and Maira. This was a VERY strong division – breathing down Classic’s neck – six couples total: Daria and David (cute couple either Juniors or just out of Juniors, think they’re from someplace that starts with “Mi-” – MidwestContinue Reading

Summer Hummer 2010 Update #4

Ohhhhhh Kaaaaaaayyyy. As I write this is Sunday of Labor Day weekend. Dallas is happening, Festa’s “Hudson Swing Affair” is happening. It is mind-blowingly GORRRRGEOUSSSS weather here in DC, and ta da! Here’s the last of the Summah Hummah updates. Okay so lessee, already told ya about Strictly’s and routines … so Jack and Jill’sContinue Reading