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Boston Tea Party 2011 Update #1

Fun! Funfunfunfunfun. WOW do Lindy dancers know how to scream and cheer! Feels like I’ve just finished raving about the Chicago crowd but holy shaMOLY these Lindy guys are LOUD! One whole corner (either loud Baltimore or louder Quebec – lotta Quebecois here, really fun crowd) screaming their heads off, standing on chairs, sitting onContinue Reading

Boston Tea Party 2011 Update #2

Oh. My. Gawd. I might have just seen the funniest hour-and-a-half I’ve ever seen in 25 year in the dance community. My stomach is killing me, had to keep putting down the camera cause I was laughing too hard to take pictures. Holy kriminy. Talk about skanks. ALL the pro’s are skanks – lindy andContinue Reading

Boston Tea Party 2011 Update #3

Oh, and just to clarify (cause I keep getting asked): they were not actually *panties* which Jessica had black ones of, and which Tatiana had way too loose ones of. They were *bloomers.*  Lindy bloomers (shorts as they’re sometimes called, and in fact many girls wear boy-shorts or biker shorts cause they don’t ride up)Continue Reading

Boston Tea Party 2011 Update #4

Results! Last night’s great Crossover Jack and Jill: 1st Arjay and Naomi Uyama 2nd Jordan and Annie Trudeau 3rd Andy Reid and Sarah 4th John Lindo and Nina Gilkenson 5th Peter Strom and Deborah Szekely JJ’s Allstar: 1 Steven Hunt (uk!) and Yuna 2 Erik Novoa and Lynne Anderson 3 Gary Ulaner and Tiffany LubranContinue Reading

Boston Tea Party 2011 Update #5

Perfectly cloudless blue-sky days all weekend long. Chilly and windy but brilliantly sunny, almost spring. My room hung over the Charles River … the outside wall a floor-to-ceiling window which from dawn to dusk flooded the room with beautiful light and a wide view of the gray brush and bramble on the shores, the paintedContinue Reading