Monthly Archives: June 2011

Liberty 2011 – Update #1

Liberty is a blast! And it hasn’t even started yet! But all our friends are here! Evvvvvvverybody from DC is here – for us it’s only a three-hour drive. Even Dallas and Whitney Brooks! First time out since baby Austin was born almost a year ago. So far: 12 Frenchies, 10 Brits plus Steve HuntContinue Reading

Liberty 2011 – Update #2

Friday Night! Jammed ballroom, great energy. Opening Ceremonies started with National Anthem, followed by an all-company routine Greased Lightning (from “Grease”), then Showcase! Six couples: 1. Rob and Connie, our good friends from DC, first time on the floor, dancing to Drops of Jupiter by Train. So beautiful! She’s a tiny luminously white bird, he’sContinue Reading

Liberty 2011 – Update #3

Wow! Yesterday was FUN! Lots to tell but first: Saturday’s Results: Rising Star (three couples): 1st Michael Stephens and Jamie Callahan $340 2nd Mike Glasgow and Kristen Wenger $250 3rd Donnie and Daria $200 Classic (nine couples): 1st Benji and Melissa Rutz $2,000 2nd Brennar and Torri $1,000 3rd Jordan and Tatiana $500 4th KyleContinue Reading

Liberty 2011 – Update #4

Liberty¬† 2011 Update #4 Saturday night at Liberty is “Dress To Impress” which some people actually did, in either classy or tacky evening wear depending on what they were trying to impress you *with.* Our gracious host Mr. John Lindo was marvelous in elegant black tie, Blake Hobby made a pewter sequined pencil skirt verrrrrrryContinue Reading

Liberty 2011 – Update #5

Classic, continued … The sixth routine Saturday night was performed by Sebastien and Blandine (Montpellier, France), to “Home” by Vanessa Carlton (great routine song). I love this routine. I love watching Blandine move, period, I’ve been mesmerized by her all this and last year, watching her win Jack and Jill’s, Strictly’s, and Golden Ticket. I’mContinue Reading