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Boston Tea Party 2012 Update #1

News Alert:  STEVE DRZEWICZEWSKI CARTWHEELS ACROSS ROOM. In an effort to outshine his 7-year-old champion cheerleader/gymnast daughter Mr. Stephen Drzwhatever humiliated himself tonight in front of an audience of 1,400 by attempting a series of spastic lunges across the floor. His daughter Grace, a rising superstar on the competitive cheerleading circuit, had performed flawless back-flipsContinue Reading

Boston Tea Party 2012 Update #2

Here we are again, just like last year and the year before, and the year before that … saying,”That was the HARDEST I have ever laughed! Ever!” We’ve just seen the Crossover! Amazing dancing AMAZING! And before the Crossover the Opening Act: Steve and Rebecca’s ferocious 7-yr-old daughter Gracie and two of her cheerleading teammatesContinue Reading

Chicago 2012 Results

We weren’t at Chicago but we watched all weekend. Some results: Classic: 1st Ben and Melissa 2 Kyle and Sarah 3 Kris and Rebecca 4 Sebastien and Blandine 5 Luis and Taletha Showcase: 1st Myles and Tessa 2 Roystons 3 Greg and Lemery 4 Stephen and Sabrina 5 Ben and Rebecca Rising Star: 1st JeffContinue Reading

MadJam 2012 Update #1

It’s the first day of March and here we go! March Madness has arrived! Beginning with MadJam here at home in DC.  First year here at the new hotel (same hotel where we were last October for “DCSex” (the new name for “VSO” – the Virginia State Open) – but reconfigured for this much muchContinue Reading

Madjam 2012 Update #2

We still have no heat in our room rghghgh and it’s cold and raining today rghghgh pirate noises argh rghghgh it is fuh-reezing in here we have to wear coats oh well worse things in life some people never get to go to dance comps at all anywhere ever we live a pretty charmed lifeContinue Reading

MadJam 2012 Update #3

OH MY GOODNESS! What a WONDERFUL Saturday night this has been! What great routines! What a great Champions’ Jack and Jill! And what a fun night of dancing tonight! We are forcing ourselves to leave the ballroom now -at – what is it? 6:30 AM? It is light out – aughgh –  Ballroom is stillContinue Reading

MadJam 2012 Update #4

AUGHGHGHGH It’s almost 8am and still great music in the ballroom! I’m still up (GB fast asleep for two hours now) – should I give up trying to be responsible and just go back down to dance? I’m watching on tv and It is still hoppin’ in there! Who’s the DJ? Such good music!

MadJam 2012 Update #5

The energy Sunday night! From just after awards (around 5) till 7am Monday morning – sheesh! Lots of people saying it was the highlight of their entire weekend. One of those dimly lit “in the zone” nights where a roomful of dancers are transformed. We’ve always had good late-nite dances at our comps here inContinue Reading

MadJam 2012 Update #6

Seven random tidbits: 1. The French have left DC and are now on their way to Chicago for the Chicago Classic this coming weekend. Most flew but some are driving. Why, I asked, Why are you driving? Such a long drive! “Vee vant to see leetle beet of your country!” they said. Great! I saidContinue Reading

MadJam 2012 Update #7

Jack and Jills!  Saturday morning! (“morning” as in 1-4pm Saturday afternoon) Bill Cameron on the mic; Anthony DeRosa DJing Judges: Tybaldt, Hazel, Arjay, Robin Smith, Erik Novoa, Taletha, Doug, Myles, Annmarie, Patty Vo, and Chief Judge Dawn 72 girls in Newcomer prelims! 100 girls (74 guys) in Novice prelims! 65 girls in Intermediate prelims! HadContinue Reading