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Liberty 2012 Update #1

Wow what a different Thursday night this year! No Prince of Belgium or Obama in the main ballroom so no dancing between pillars down in the lower room.   This year wow! Main ballroom! Arjay and Louie playing awesome music, and what a crowd! Holy mackerel – the floor was packed from 9 till we leftContinue Reading

Liberty 2012 Update #2

West Side Story! The Puerto Rican Sharks – Jordan (with a moustache), Arjay, Ben, Angel … versus The very white Jets: Olivier, Kyle and Royston; and their girlfriends the Puerto Rican Chicas: Blake, Torri, Melissa, Jessie versus the blondies Tatiana, Sarah, Nicola, and Henriette. Too funny! Grace on the mic tonight … hilarious as sheContinue Reading

Liberty 2012 Update #3

Before I say anything else about anything …  Awards as just announced: Classic 1st Jordan and Tatiana (AUGHGHGHGH!!!) 2nd ($1,000) Benji and Torri (a routine choreographed ONE HOUR AGO AUGHGHGHGH!!!) 3rd ($500) Kyle and Sarah (AUGHGHGH!! CRAZY RIDICULOUS STANDING OVATION AUGHGHGH!!!) 4th ($300) Ben and Melissa (AUGHGHGH I LOOOOVE THIS ROUTINE) 5th ($200) Arthur andContinue Reading

Liberty 2012 Update #4

Louis’ music! SO GOOD! Louis’ songs for Friday night’s Pro Strictly: “Wall to Wall” (Introductory All-Skate) For Chuck and Sabrina: “Whataya Want From Me”  and “Sweat” (Snoop Dogg version) For Royston and Rutz: She Will Be Loved and Hit The Lights For Arjay and Torri: I Don’t Wanna Know and Scream For Jordan and Sarah:Continue Reading

Liberty 2012 Update #5

We’ve said John Lindo is generous, right? So get this: He gave out $6,300 in Jack and Jill prize money. Every penny paid by contestants to enter a Jack and Jill was given back in prize money, the amounts based on the number of registrations for each division. So the lucky winners of Novice, forContinue Reading

Liberty 2012 Update #6

Sunday’s Awards Novice Strictly 1st ($300) Brent and Emily 2nd ($250) Xi and Maryann 3rd ($200) Gary and Maria 4th ($150) Chris and Gabrielle 5th ($100) Derek and Katherine Intermediate Strictly 1st ($300) T.J. and Marine 2nd ($250) XiLiHiui and LiLiWiBiWi 3rd ($200) Brandon and Danielle 4th ($150) Butch and Maria 5th ($100) Pierre andContinue Reading

Liberty 2012 Update #7

Oooh, forgot to tell you about Classic at Liberty! Four of the seven couples with brand new routines! First time on the floor! 1. Ben and Melissa with their wonderful “You and Me.” They messed up. Rghgh.  Gotta love these two for hanging in there all year with this extremely difficult routine … high heelsContinue Reading