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US Open 2012 Update #1

US OPEN! 30TH ANNIVERSARY! 30 years of Opens – hard to believe! Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends! We have just wolfed down dinner in the hotel restaurant (quick plate of pasta for me, turkey and mashed potatoes for Genieboy) and are on our way back down for Jack and Jill finals.  Today’s beenContinue Reading

US Open 2012 Update #2

Some very sad news. David Koppelman was found dead in his home last night.  Long-time member of the community, dear friend to many, deejay at most every major event in California and around the country, Dave will be sorely missed. Many people here are shaken up this morning, waking up to hear this. Dave wasContinue Reading

US Open 2012 Update #3

Seating at the Open is arranged a little differently than at other events. Two rows of chairs along the floor level itself, a row of box-seat tables above these and six rows of risers behind these. Yesterday the entire left half of the floor – the first row of seats right on the floor –Continue Reading

US Open 2012 Update #4

What a Showcase! People shaking their heads in complete disbelief, tears in their eyes, just stunned. The division ended and the place exploded with people running around everywhere exclaiming how this was the best Showcase they’ve ever seen, ever, crowds of people in the aisles, the halls, the lobby, the bar, the restaurant, the elevatorsContinue Reading


BREAKING NEWS! NASDE rules will be changed for 2013. Member events will double their contribution to the prize fund which will mean $24,000 paid out as the year-end award (or $26,000 if there are 13 member events.) In addition, NASDE will set a standard for judging panels (the NASDE Judging Standard) the key points being:Continue Reading

US Open 2012 Update #6

FINALISTS JUST POSTED! Champion Strictly: Sean and Sarah Jordan and Melissa Maxime and Alyssa Michael Kielbasa and Virginie Grondin Robert Royston and Deborah Szekely Benji and Patty Kyle and Tatiana Maxence and Jill Demarco Ben Morris and Torri Open Strictly: Gregory Lebedev and Katia Diego and Jessica Arnaud and Estelle Rob Jackson and Heather PowersContinue Reading

US Open 2012 Update #7

Running down for Young America, Young Adult and Cabaret! Last night’s Classic was OFF. THE. CHAIN.  Jordan and Tatiana’s new Tron reflective-tape routine they are SUPER-HUMANS AUGHGHGHGH!! Ronnie and Brandi’s GORGEOUS story-telling!! Kyle and Sarah’s funk! Sebastien and Blandine so so French angst STUNNING searingly beautiful new one, Sean and Courtney, Brent and Kellese! AUGHGHGH!,Continue Reading

US Open 2012 Update #8

Awards! Classic 1st Place Jordan and Tatiana 2 Ronnie and Brandi 3 Kyle and Sarah 4 Gary and Susan 5 Maxime and Virginie Perga Showcase 1st Place Benji and Torri 2 Myles and Tessa 3 Ronnie and Laureen 4 Rob and Connie 5 Rome and Chevy Young Adult 1st Place Chris and Nicole 2 LudavichContinue Reading

US Open 2012 Update #9

US Open suitcases still not unpacked! Chico was this past weekend! We heard it was wild and hilarious as always – a December revelry in the ancient Roman/Christian Christmas tradition. Youtube videos of this year’s routines are beginning to surface so you may now have seen the fantastic array of Showcase, Classic, and Junior/Sophisticated/Masters routinesContinue Reading