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Boston Tea Party 2013 Update #1

First day of Spring! And it’s SNOWING in Boston? That was us yesterday, on our way from DC to Boston Tea Party for the 10th year in a row. We have a ritual. Every year we say “Why do we want to go north where it’s gray and bitter and the ground is covered withContinue Reading

Boston Tea Party 2013 Update #2

Tom’s brand shoes everywhere! Someone should be getting a commission. Torri’s cool shoes last night: gray bucks with hot pink soles – from Target! Kay Newhouse walking around the ballroom with a container of her homemade chocolate-chili-pepper-matzoh confections – I got so excited I knocked the entire container into the air and WE CAUGHT IT.Continue Reading

Boston Tea Party 2013 Update #3

Jack and Jill Finalists! Advanced: Andrew Mastin Bob Gorman Brad Wheeler Genieboy Collins Josh MacDonald Matthew Smith Peter Fradley Sean Ryan Steve Wilder William Montgomery alts: Randy Payne Richard Smith Bonnie Cannon Kim Brolet Kimiko Lashley Mariel Manzone Nina El-Badry Pricilla Christie Sara Mouchon Shoshi Kushnir Sonya Dessureault Sohie Cazeneuve alts: Angelique Early Anna NovoaContinue Reading

Boston Tea Party 2013 Update #4

Music! (Victor DJ’d all comps) Crossover: (couples got one 90′s swing tune and one lindy tune) Kyle and Naomi – “Motown Philly” (Boyz II Men) and “Flat Foot Floogie” (McKinney’s Cotton Pickers) Peter and Melissa Rutz – “Poison” (Bell Biv Devoe) and “Jive at Five” (Count Basie) Lindo and Annie – “Strike It Up” (BlackContinue Reading

Boston Tea Party 2013 Update #5

Friday and Saturday night social dancing was FANTABULOUS. Everyone had a blast, energy in all three ballrooms jumping hot. Dancing both nights until 7am with the floor staying full all the way to the last song – that’s unusual. Here are a few of the GREAT dances I mentioned in the last update: John andContinue Reading

MadJam 2013 Update #8

11,000 u-stream viewers watched MadJam on Sunday afternoon! From every continent, all around the world! JUNIORS Chris and Nicole, “A-W-E-S-O-M-E” (Jason Mraz) So fast, so funny, so fast, so playful, so fast, so witty, and so FAST! I could watch this over and over with a big grin on my face. Brilliant choreography, gorgeous execution.Continue Reading

Chicago 2013 Update #6

SPECIAL NEWS! Arjay and Bridget have a baby boy! Born March 11! Which, as Arjay pointed out, is a cool palindrome:  3-11-13 In other news: I am getting hourly CNN alerts about the color of smoke coming out of a chimney. Cool it CNN! Wolf Blitzer dude seriously! Take a chill pill.  If the smokeContinue Reading

Chicago 2013 Update #5

CLASSIC 1st Place Jordan and Tatiana 2 Kyle and Sarah 3 Matt and Crystal 4 Sebastien et Blandine 5 Arthur and Colleen SHOWCASE 1st Place Myles and Tessa 2 Greg and Lemery 3 Robert and Nicola 4 Rob and Connie 5 Jason and Sophy RISING STAR 1st Place Hieu Le and Natalie Gorg 2 KyleContinue Reading

Chicago 2013 Update #4

Remember the tall hairy bearded guy in the pink tutu and ballet slippers? Who crashed the party? At Swing Dance America 2007, I think it was, Saturday night? Hollering and making hellaruckus when security escorted him out of the ballroom? Tried pulling off his tutu in protest? Well I think we maybe got crashed hereContinue Reading

Chicago 2013 Update #3

Cold, overcast, gray weather out there today but who cares? This hotel is so beautiful you don’t want to go outside. You’re too busy lounging on a plush couch in the lobby, with your notepad, watching the balconies. Or maybe down in the ballroom watching Jack and Jill prelims which are today … Grace isContinue Reading