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Boogie 2014 Update #1 – Latch

Last night’s social dancing was FABULOUS!

I walked in at 10pm – one hour after the ballroom opened – and that famously gigantic Boogie floor was already completely full – the ballroom already packed with people at all tables. ALREADY! On a Thursday night! One hour after opening! Mostly California it seemed like although we counted five of us from DC, two Frenchies (loads more of those coming in today,) couple Aussies. But last night that huge floor mostly filled with northwest US and Canada.

HORDES of people arriving today, the lobby and front desk already in hyper mode. This is going to be a big event.

Man did I have fun last night! Music was terrific – early music, late-nite music – didn’t even notice a difference between early and late, it was all current, danceable, mix of genres and tempos.

Maybe the era of saving up every awful song for an especially horrible playlist for early-night dancers – maybe that era is over.

But the energy, the mood – so much fun in there last night! Playful, goofy, energetic – I laughed myself silly the whole night long following very funny very “creative” leads.

GREAT first night.

Last night’s big Kickoff Workshop was taught by Tatiana alone because Jordan’s got the flu. Darn! Hope he gets better. Not for his sake but for mine so I can see them dance. And also for Jordan too, I guess, because yuk, the flu, not fun.

Today a schedule of back-to-back great workshops – Arjay, Maxence & Virginie, Myles & Tessa, Ronnie & Brandi, Benji & Torri, John & Jessica; alongside levelled workshops for Advanced/Allstar, Intermediate, and Beginner. Hard to beat that lineup!

Then tonight is Strictlys all night. You can watch FREE all weekend here.

Weather is gorgeous! Sunny, dry, windy gorgeous!

My room has a balcony that looks out on the freeway and construction. It’s so loud I have to yell to hear myself think. I kind of love it! The steady roar of traffic combined with the roar of wind across the building – I’ve discovered the best White Noise I’ve ever heard. Wish I could record it to use every night to sleep to.

Posted a few pics on Facebook – GB says borrrring, who wants to see pictures of a building we want to see people. The boring pictures can be found here.

More updates soon!

Oh yeah and on a completely unrelated note, I’ve been meaning to ask … am I the only one creeped out by Daniela Andrade singing “Latch?”

If there are boundaries, I will try to knock them down (Never!)

I’m latching on, babe, now I know what I have found (Never!)

Now I’ve got you in my space

I won’t let go of you (Never!)

Got you shackled in my embrace

I’m latching on to you (Never!)

Why does she have to keep repeating “Never?” Seriously?!? It’s not enough she already has you shackled? And won’t let go and is knocking down things?

“I feel we’re close enough

I wanna lock in your love

I think we’re close enough

Could I lock in your love, baby?

I feel we’re close enough

I wanna lock in your love

I think we’re close enough

Could I lock in your love, baby?”

Stop saying that.

Why is she singing so softly. That’s even creepier than yelling.

This girl is DEFINITELY latching.

I can’t even dance to this song anymore without checking to see who might be mouthing the words with a psychotic expression on their face.

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