Liza May

Boogie By The Bay 2012 Update #7

Here’s who danced in Champion Prelims:

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Boogie By The Bay 2012 Update #8

It is autumn here at home. Wistfully lovely. Day after day of crisp chilly air, cornflower blue sky, maize-yellow sun falling in shafts through red, orange, gold, green, brown leaves – it’s enough to make you drunk from staring at the colors, light…

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Boogie By The Bay 2012 Update #9

Friday morning I had breakfast in the club lounge. Thought I was being smart as I surreptitiously slid a few bottles of water into my bag to take back to the room for later, forgetting that intending to take a drink I had just removed the cap from one of…

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Boogie By The Bay 2012 Update #10

Hurricane Sandy, more properly called “Superstorm Sandy” since it was the collision of three monster weather events (a tropical hurricane, a nor’easter, and a fall low-pressure system moving from California across the U.S. crashing into each other…

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Boogie By The Bay 2009 – Update #1

Boogie by the Bay! Virgin America flights here – DC to San Fran non-stop $109 round trip – pretty daggone good but the coolio consoles we heard so much about were not exactly working – the flight attendant said “Panasonic was unfortunately not…

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