Liza May

Boston Tea Party 2011 Update #5

Perfectly cloudless blue-sky days all weekend long. Chilly and windy but brilliantly sunny, almost spring. My room hung over the Charles River … the outside wall a floor-to-ceiling window which from dawn to dusk flooded the room with beautiful light…

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Boston Tea Party 2009 Update #1

First of all, I want everyone to know that this morning I received the following text from Alina: “I am shoebag.” Ask Alina to explain it, and whatever she says, I don’t buy it. We’re here at Boston Tea Party. Really only I am here cause GB…

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Boston Tea Party 2009 Update #2

The elevators are possessed! You will get stuck! That is a promise not a prediction. Amy Danziger has been stuck every year! Last year she said THAT’S IT! No more elevators! From now on: only stairs!

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Boston Tea Party 2009 Update #3

Friday 6pm and TOTALLY FUN here! And it hasn’t even started yet! Frenzy of buses, vans, taxis, and rental cars! Suitcases, car-seats, coolers, hangers, duffel bags shopping bags all over the driveway…

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Boston Tea Party 2009 Update #4

Strictlys were last night! Here are the Finalists: Corey Caron and Erin Caron Dave Damon and Sascha, bouncing back and forth between her adorable Lindy outfit and adorable west-coast outfit Eric Cudmore and Heidi Mongeau Greg and Lemery Jody and…

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