Liza May

Capital 2012 Update #7

Packing to leave for the airport but I’m getting a bunch of texts and emails asking about last night’s results so here, they are!

Masters JJ

  1. Place Warren Pino and Laurie Shafer
  2. Mark Endo and Peggy Allen
  3. Paul Canziani and Michelle Dittfach
  4. Gary Thompson and Patty Houston
  5. Jack Smith and Trish Hughes

All Star JJ

  1. Place John Kirkconnell and Samatha Buckwalter
  2. Jason Marker and Mackenzie
  3. Nic King and Alyssa Glanville
  4. Ben McHenry and Annmarie
  5. JB and Yenni

Champion Invitational JJ

  1. Place Kyle and Sarah
  2. Jordan and Sharlot
  3. Brennar and Jessica
  4. Benji and Jill DaMarco
  5. Michael Kielbasa and Brandi

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