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Chicago 2012 Results

We weren’t at Chicago but we watched all weekend.

Some results:


  1. Ben and Melissa
  2. Kyle and Sarah
  3. Kris and Rebecca
  4. Sebastien and Blandine
  5. Luis and Taletha


  1. Myles and Tessa
  2. Roystons
  3. Greg and Lemery
  4. Stephen and Sabrina
  5. Ben and Rebecca

Rising Star:

  1. Jeff and Susan
  2. Kim and Shalay
  3. Reggie and Lara
  4. Michael and Angie Jones
  5. Jerome and Laura Conforti
  6. Masters:

    1. Wayne and Cindy
    2. Chips and Janice
    3. Bob and Debra
    4. Renee and Tommy
    5. McCrearys

    Champions JJ:

    1. Robert Royston and Rebecca
    2. Jason Marker and Tessa
    3. Ben Morris and Stephanie McHenry
    4. Luis and Sarah
    5. Ben Hooten and Melissa Rutz

    Allstar JJ:

    1. Uspenskys
    2. Carlos and Melissa Greene
    3. Kris and Melissa Moy
    4. Josh Sturgeon and Angie Cameron
    5. Kyle Patel and Amanda Warren

    Adv JJ:

    1. Seb and Blandine
    2. Hugo and Sabrina
    3. Sheven and Joy Davina
    4. PJ and Angie Jones
    5. Eric Byers and Renee Lippman

    Inter JJ:

    1. Jerome and Natalie
    2. Scott Mehlberg and Melodie (about to be Mrs. Benjamin Folch) Chardonnet
    3. Eric Theriault and Bonnie Inveen
    4. Ben (about to be Mr. Melodie Chardonnet) Folch and Hope
    5. Yu and Shoshi

    Open Strictly:

    1. Kyle and Rutz
    2. Ben Morris and Jill Dumarco
    3. Robert Royston and Rebecca
    4. Myles and Sarah
    5. Luis and Lemery

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