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City of Angels 2014 Update #6 – AWARDS!

Here are your City of Angels 2014 Winners!


  1. Jordan and Tatiana
  2. Ben and Jen
  3. Kyle and Sarah
  4. PJ and Tashina
  5. Sean and Courtney
  6. Miguel and Yenni
  7. Marcus and Delanie


  1. Benji and Torri
  2. Luis and Jennifer
  3. Matt and Kara
  4. Doug and Nicki


  1. Michael Booth and Sheryl Klampp
  2. Buzz and Debbie McCreary


  1. KZ Crawford and Anna-Lena Schlenner
  2. Dirk Hage and Jamie Powers
  3. David Mulford and Hilla Mohar
  4. Andrew Tai and Jessica Sandoval
  5. Chuck-Hou Yee and Emily Foster
  6. Vinh Mines and Deana Nickerson
  7. Lance Armstrong and Rebecca Beren
  8. Buzz McCreary and Faye Jones
  9. Brian Sforzo and Kirstin Oliver
  10. Roberto Mendeskestler and Kelsey Frost
  11. Alex Chen and Shanan Jackson
  12. Babak Shakeri and Emma Bock
  13. Jason Wyman and Tish Varletti
  14. Renaud Poizat and Cyndy Binoya
  15. Ron Wild and Rachel Berry


  1. Edward Maddox and Courtney Mayer
  2. Jonathan Rogul and Racel Cureton
  3. Austin Kois and Erin Fritzler
  4. Joshua Baime and Jaclyn Jellerman
  5. Alex Wood and Jessica Murray
  6. Vence Harbuck and Rachel Kumar
  7. Adi Dacudao and Ann Wood
  8. Jeff Smith and Corrinne Ray Schwartz
  9. Steven Spellman and Michelle Josey
  10. Jeffrey Leonard and Denise Gibson
  11. Frederick Barfield and Clarise Okwach
  12. Tanin Kosol and Tenia Worick
  13. Bryson Daich and Liz Roberts
  14. Nick Moor and Erica Piper
  15. Aidan Keith-Hynes and Britny Delp
  16. Kevin Menkal and Claire Leonard


  1. PJ and Delanie
  2. Kevin and Laura
  3. Eric and Tashina
  4. Andrew Opyrchal and Victoria
  5. Tony and Kristen
  6. Scottie and Maddy
  7. Brad and Larisa
  8. Jason and Jade
  9. Mike and Shanti
  10. Jerome and Amber


  1. Michael and Peggy
  2. Warren and Lois
  3. Gary and Andrea
  4. David and Laura
  5. Jim and Susy
  6. Buzz and Trish
  7. Patrick and Liz
  8. Jim and Carrie
  9. Louie and Joni


  1. John and Jessica
  2. Kyle and Tatiana
  3. Jordan and Nicole
  4. Benji and Courtney
  5. Luis and Jen Deluca


  1. Jason Wyman and Shantel Shaver
  2. Andrew Tai and Csilla Felsen
  3. Bobby Watson and Christie Oldham
  4. Kwilanza Crawford and Kistine Doughe
  5. Lance Armstrong and Emi Hilwatari
  6. Alex Chen and Aurelia Yee
  7. Brian Sforzo and Hilla Mohar
  8. Vinh Mines and Amy Daniels
  9. Victor Chen and Katya DeSousa
  10. Babak Shaker and D’Leene Peet
  11. Zacc Gansert and Ellen Peck
  12. Kevin Williams and Jamie Powers


  1. Jeremy and Molly
  2. Alex and Ann
  3. Aidan and Shuyan
  4. Alonto Mangandog and Corrinne
  5. Jonah and Michelle
  6. Jeff and Marylou
  7. Austin and Rachel Kumar
  8. Adi Dacudao and Tenia
  9. Jonathan and Joanna
  10. Daniel and Clarise


  1. Tien and Tashina
  2. John Piper and Victoria
  3. Andrew Opyrchal and Delanie
  4. Matt and Larisa
  5. Mike and Hannah Guttman
  6. Thomas and Maddy
  7. Brad and Shannon
  8. Eric Jacobson and Lara Deni
  9. Jerome and Zena
  10. Andrew Sunada and Rehanna
  11. Randy and Tammy


  1. Gary and Laura
  2. Warren and Joni
  3. Mike Booth and Trish
  4. Mike Gadberry and Peggy
  5. Michael Stephens and Carrie
  6. Patrick and Susy
  7. Louie and Katie
  8. Michael Salvador and Jill
  9. Philip and Wendy
  10. Jim and Tina


  1. Jordan and Jessica
  2. Ben Morris and Torri
  3. Matt and Jen Deluca
  4. John and Courtney
  5. Parker and Sarah

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