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Desert City 2014 Update #2 – Headlights!

Laaaazy day, floating lazily along on the lazy river, with a lazy fruity drink, lazing with friends, lazy chomping on lazy food at the cafe, lazing around on lounge chairs in the hot hot hot hot hot hot sun …

… Unless you’re one of those dancer types of people, that is, who are spending the day learning stuff.

I’ve been checking the live stream – workshops all day have been packed with these productive types of people who actually choose to be indoors improving themselves instead of lying in the sun.

Forgot to mention! This event is being live-streamed by thumbsup! Click here.

As I was getting my things together to pack for the event I came across my Desert City notes from 2010.

2010 seems so long ago!

Funny to read these now:

“Everyone is wearing JEANS!!! Mike says he told the judges “This is a jeans event. Don’t score people down for wearing jeans to compete.” Cathy Tigges says she and Mike conceived of this idea, with the express purpose of creating a relaxed, party, late-nite feel all weekend.”
“I am the color of an overripe tomato. I’m trying hard to get heatstroke to last me through next month at home in the freezing rain, sleet, slush. The east coast is opposite of Phoenix in almost every way, including weather.”
“Friday warm-up for Masters. Uhhhh-oooooh. There are some seriously good old people here. I am doomed.
“GREAT table! Don’t have to sit on floor taking closeups of nostrils and double chins!”
“Note to self: Bridget’s perfume = “Viva La Juicy.” Someone else’s “Escada Rock n’ Rolla.”
“SUPER high-energy yelling crowd. What a ruckus! Different kind of “team spirit” vibe out here.”
“Way too many crazy beautiful women out here. Poor guys, their heads must be spinning. Girls girls girls! Every direction more girls. How are you supposed to choose?”
“Huuuuge Novice division. Awwwwesome music for Novice. Horrrrrible music for Masters.”
“Pete Green’s hat flew off in Strictly.”

Yenni always notices nipples.

Scratched wildly in my notebook, in Yenni’s handwriting:

“HEADLIGHTS!!!!!!” [shocked smiley face]   [shocked smile face]      [shocked smiley face]

She also wrote:

“too many black and white colors” [mean smiley face] [winky smiley face] [scary smiley face]. “Need more color like Liza May [happy smiley face] [winky smiley face]“

(I wrote back “sucking-up smiley face” in English)

“New boyfriend alert! OMG UNBELIEVABLE six pack! Delts, biceps, pecs. Omg we’re dying. Can’t write whose boyfriend cause supposed to be secret. omg”

WHO WAS THIS?!? I have no memory of this.

“Stacy has extensions! Just got them on Friday. Her hair now one foot longer! Wow, gorgeous.”

Funny how some things have stayed exactly the same.

Ronnie made the Jeans announcement last night they still make a huge rowdy ruckus, cheering for each other contestants on the floor jumping up and down screaming when their friends are announced having also made the cut there are still a LOT of seriously bad-ass Masters dancers here and Yenni’s still spotting headlights and being horrified.

All-American Jack and Jill starting now!And then dinner break. And then! Saturday night Strictlys!

And more all-night dancing!

Larisa (deejaying 4am till close) has promised to play my current crazy-favorite song, which I know will make many people throw up but which I can’t take off repeat repeat repeat repeat …

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