Liza May

ESS 2014 Update #6 – Barry Part I

I wanted so bad to dance in that first Open but I was too young. They said if we want to win the Open, we’ve got to dance to Big Band music.

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ESS 2014 Update #5 – Campfire Stories

“Oh what a beautiful bonfire! Much bigger than last year! All the chairs and mattresses and blankets! So pretty!”

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ESS 2014 Update #4 – Parker and Jessica

I’ve received a flurry of alarmed emails from around the world asking “What IS this event? What is ‘ESS’?!?

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ESS 2014 Update #3 – Hard Work and Hope

Mind Blown. SO tired. My whole body hurts! New muscles screaming “WHAT THE HECK?!? ”

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ESS 2014 Update #2 – Spectacular Beauty

I arrived at Shelter Island and the lovely Kona Kai resort the day before ESS officially began in an effort to outsmart any airport conspiracies trying to screw up my plans.

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