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HST 2016 Update #7 - Where To Find Pictures


OK I give up. I'm way too tired to write.

Massive brain fog. So quiet in the hotel, so noisy in my head. A thousand conversations playing on a loop. All the songs of the whole weekend from Friday's 80's Beer Tasting party all the way through to Sunday night's dance are now all playing at the same time in my ear. All the costumes and routines - a Monster Ball is parading through my head. So much creativity my brain is exploding,

So many great people here! So much LOVE in that ballroom! Never-ending hugs and laughing.

There's never enough time to do all the writing I plan and after all these years still haven't figured out how to be organized enough to get it done.

Especially because as the event goes on there's MORE to tell but less brain to tell about it.

So today I'm officially wasted.

The past couple years I've been staying extra days in the hotel so I can publish stuff right after the event instead of having to wait till I get home and we're on to next weekend's event already. But that plan doesn't seem to be working very well either.

So now I'm hoping to write on my flight home, but we'll have to see if my brain will cooperate. My brain is a pain. Hey that rhymes. I have a connecting flight.  Uh ohhhh.  I try to avoid connecting flights because they've only gotten worse over the years.  So I leave wonderful LA early in the morning but only get to not-as-wonderful DC way after midnight. I could drive there quicker.

Jordan and Tatiana fly to Sweden today. That is CRAZY. No clue how they do what they do. They are freaks of nature, in the best way.

I hung out with Tatiana yesterday and it was like hanging out with a tornado.

Tatiana left the hotel late yesterday afternoon, after working the whole day from early morning packing crates, responding to a hundred simultaneous phone calls and texts, handling business and paperwork, hugging people and being kind to every human she passed, including hugging and kissing various bell hops, Starbucks employees, front desk staff, and dancers.  Then she drove home in rush hour LA traffic with crates of ballroom decorations to set up all over her front lawn and in the house so she could host a Halloween party for dancers from overseas and out of town. Then they woke up this morning and flew to Sweden.


I've got pictures TO DIE FOR! This event is Photographer Heaven can't wait to show them off.

People are always asking me how to purchase pictures.

My pictures are free!

All pictures will be here.

This is my website.   You'll see tabs at the top:

Home     About     Photography     Archives     Updates     Contact

Click on "Archives" for the full event albums. (I need a new name for "Archives" and it's confusing to have a Photography tab and an Archives tab can't figure out how to organize it)

Anyway, if the stupid software is working, when you click on "Archives" the HST 2016 album will be at the top, the first album you see. Within that I'm making separate galleries for Strictlys, JJ's, Scary Strictly, etcetera, to make it easier to find what you want.

There is (supposed to be, at least) a download button on each picture. On your phone I think you just get one size, but on desktop there is (supposed to be) a button where you can choose which size you want, from GINORMOUS huge (my originals are poster size, for framing) all the way down to teeny tiny Facebook Instagram size. Supposedly.

If the download button doesn't work just contact me and I'll send you whatever you want, it's no trouble at all so don't worry about bothering me.


So now I'm packing, can barely think straight even to pack. I keep catching myself standing still holding some random item like a sock, just standing there staring at a sock in my hand thinking deep thoughts, like "Sock."

At least I was able to update my Spotify and YouTube playlists this morning. That's always easy because it doesn't require any frontal cortex and it's kind of therapeutic. So I got something done. Which reminds me the music all weekend was sooooooo dang great. Seriously great. No one knows how to read and work a ballroom like Louis.

It is so pretty here. That's not helping with the brain fog, it's putting me in even more of a daze. Such lovely SoCal weather, so peaceful in the hotel! So much noise in my head!

This was one hella weekend.  Super great event.


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