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HST 2016 Update #5 - Risotto?


Balmy night air, 80's music, chess and ping-pong, craft beers, laughter, chatter, conversation, shimmering lights in the indoor/outdoor pool, gulls screaming overhead, palm trees bowing and waving to the falling sun ....

And so many happy people!

Yesterday's Beer Tasting Party was just delightful.


Costumes! Already! This year they're not even waiting for Trick or Treating. Last night's Strictly prelims were so funny ...

Jordan emceed in an arm sling which was unfortunately not a costume:

"I dislocated my shoulder. I don't need surgery, just found out today. How it happened: We were in Italy last weekend, and there was a cat in a tree. And this poor Grandma was crying. If you've ever heard an Italian Grandma cry ..."

(And here he did a very bad impression of a distraught Italian Grandma calling to her poor cat stuck in a tree by shouting the name of a delicious rice dish, "Risotto! Risotto!" - which makes sense because Italians do like to eat.)

"We have the whole 17th floor for Trick or Treating so we can be as loud as we want. 12 rooms are Event-Director sponsored Haunted Houses. I've heard you're supposed to start at the German room (Marc Heldt is here - Event Director for D-Town Swing in Dusseldorf.) Victoria Henk is running a room called 'Not Jack and Jill O'Rama.' "


Here is the live stream for tonight's Monster Ball and Scary Strictly ...

And here is where you can find Go-Pro and Facebook Live clips posted throughout the weekend.

(Live feeds are everywhere now - we have five Go-Pros in my family. Streaming is the new normal. By this time next year everything will be streamed, live communication replacing phone calls, and all the business of life conducted entirely on our phones.)

Food Truck! Parked on the curb just outside the ballroom. So cool to have places to have "conversation areas," spaces to hang out in, "mini activities" all weekend.

All by design, in keeping with Tatiana's goal to provide opportunities for dancers to nurture relationships.

Because we have these lifelong relationships, but you know dancers. "So great to see you! How's your - oh I love this song! Be right back!"

Given the choice between dancing and anything else - including food, and that other thing - you know what happens.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs applies to all humans except dancers.

Our pyramid is flipped upside down, exactly the opposite of everyone else's.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
West Coast Swing Dancer's Hierarchy of Needs

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