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MadJam 2014 Update #6 – STRICTLY WINNERS!

What a show tonight!

Champion Strictly AUGHGHGH!!! So crazy awesome, SO FUNNY! so damn clever, SO creative, BLOW MY MIND great AUGHGHGH!

Allstar Strictly WOW! HOW GOOD ARE THEY?!?

Advanced – what? These people are just Advanced? Really? I kept checking to make sure I wasn’t mistaken.

Intermediate and Novice WOW! Seriously? You guys are in the *lower* levels?

Wow, just wow, the level of dancing nowdays.



  1. Kyle and Tatiana
  2. Jordan and Torri
  3. Robert Royston and Yenni
  4. Benji and Sarah
  5. th Ben Morris and Susan Kirklin


  1. PJ Turner and Shantala Davis
  2. Matt Richey and Victoria Henk
  3. Brad Whelan and Sonya Dessureault
  4. Stephane Dominguez and Stacy Kay
  5. JB Brodie and Bonnie Subey


  1. Christopher Wrigley and Abby Stone
  2. Yu Sun and Ashley Brown
  3. Wesley Brown and Mikaila Finley
  4. Scott Mehlberg and Alyssa Lundgren
  5. Frank Blakemore and Heather Fronczak


  1. Stanislav Ivanov and Sayaka Suzuki
  2. Victor Hernandez and Allison Atteberry
  3. Pierre Katz and Ksenia Sheina
  4. Myat Nyunt and Rachel Dotter
  5. Austin Scharnhorst and Katherine Stover


  1. Ryan Hayes and Laura Pendleton
  2. Rogerio Storani and Carolina Araujo
  3. Julien Bec and Alix Lajoie
  4. Richard and Susan Defelice
  5. Davis Canady and Emily Smith


  1. Eddie Karoliussen and Adela Su
  2. Marc Carter and Marilyn Hall
  3. James H and Dori Eden
  4. Bill Hopkins and Lorraine Rohlik
  5. Phil Bradfield and Stephanie Courtney

Robert Royston on the mic tonight – doesn’t get any better than Robert Royston. He’s funny, kind, knows everyone by name, takes care of the mood, the pace, the logistics, brings on the dancers with respect and fanfare getting you psyched and cheering for them, cracks so many jokes your cheeks hurt. He’s just GREAT is all there is to it.

Louis in the DJ booth, and here’s what he played:

Champion Prelims

18 Couples:

  • Jerome Subey and Rebecca
  • Arjay and Hazel
  • Thybaldt and Taletha (that’s lot of th’s)
  • Kris and Tashina
  • Tren and Stephen White
  • Markus and Jen Deluca
  • Robert Cordoba and Irina Puzanova
  • Benji and Sarah
  • Greg Scott and Jennifer Pasetes
  • Luis and Lemery
  • Rob Jackson and Annemarie
  • Robert Royston and Yenni
  • Jordan and Torri
  • Gary McIntyre and Deborah
  • Ben Morris and Susan Kirklin
  • Kyle and Tatiana
  • Hugo and Sabrina
  • “It’s a Blue Blue World” (I don’t think that’s the name of this blues standard, but you know which song I mean)
  • “Don’t Wait” (Mapei)
  • “Get Up Offa That Thing” (James Brown)
  • “Give It To You” (Robin Thicke)
  • Champion Finals

    • All-Skate to “On The Rocks” (Grieves), then the jam:
    • Kris and Tashina got “Whatever Turns You On” (Devin)
    • Jen Deluca and Markus got “Come On Over” (Sevyn Streeter)
    • Cordoba and Irina got “She Wolf” (Shakira)
    • Sarah and Benji got “I’m Outta Love” (Anastacia)
    • Royston and Yenni got “Just Got Paid” (Johnny Kemp)
    • Jordan and Torri got “Sophisticated Lady” (Mya)
    • Gary and Deborah, “Shut Up” (Black Eyed Peas)
    • Kyle and Tatiana, “I’m A Slave 4U” (Britney Spears)
    • Ben Morris and Susan, “Sweet Music” (Kylie Minogue)
    • Final All-Skate to “Funky Mama” (Danny Gatton)

    Allstar Prelims

    [Robert: "We have 870 Allstar Prelim couples"]

    First song: that one that goes “The blues is kinda green [ugh!] But it don’t seem bad The blues is kinda green [ugh!] But it don’t seem bad My momma told me buh buh ba ba baaa etc etc etc” You know which one I mean.

    “Black Coffee In Bed” (Ernie Halter)

    “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” (Michael Jackson)

    “Boom Boom” (Justice Crew)

    Allstar Finals

    • “Beat Goes On” (Michael Jackson)
    • “Grace’s Amazing Hands” (Dave Barnes)
    • My favorite name for a blues song: “Spankin Leroy” (Lucky Peterson)
    • “Monster” (Rihanna and Eminem)

    Advanced Prelims

    • “I Used To Sing Love Songs” (Eugene Bridges)
    • “Pay Phone” (cool acoustic somebody)
    • “Liar Liar” (Cris Cab) (why does he spell his name without an “h”?)

    Advanced Finals

    • Numb” (Usher)
    • “Royals” (Lorde)
    • “Turn It On Turn It Up” (Roomful of Blues)
    • “Baby I Love You” (Aretha)

    Intermediate Prelims

    • “Rack it Up”
    • “I Need A Dollar” (Aloe Blacc)
    • “Rack Em Up” (Jonny Lang)

    Intermediate Finals

    • “Lights” (Ellie Goulding)
    • Sweet Sixteen” (Junior Wells)
    • “Haven’t Had Enough” (Marianas Trench)
    • “The Way You Make Me Feel” (Michael Jackson)

    Novice Prelims

    • “Feel the Love” (Lina)
    • “Big Sister’s Radio”
    • “Cause I Said So” (Ne-Yo)
    • “All I See” (Kylie Minogue)
    • “Nobody” (Ne-Yo)

    Novice Finals

    • “Respect” (Aretha)
    • Sometimes I Get A Good Feeling” (Flo Rida)
    • … and a blues standard during which I spaced out and forgot to write it down

    Sophisticated Finals

    • “She’s a Bad Mama Jama”
    • “Walk On” Ruthie Foster
    • It’s Always A Good Time” (Owl City)

    The ballroom is MOBBED right now as I write this, at 3:15 am. It has been mobbed since Awards were announced.

    Tomorrow is the Big Day. Jack and Jills all day, and THEN!





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