Liza May

MadJam 2012 Update #5

The energy Sunday night! From just after awards (around 5) till 7am Monday morning – sheesh! Lots of people saying it was the highlight of their entire weekend. One of those dimly lit “in the zone” nights where a roomful of dancers are transformed.

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MadJam 2012 Update #6

Seven random tidbits: The French have left DC and are now on their way to Chicago for the Chicago Classic this coming weekend. Most flew but some are driving. Why, I asked, Why are you driving? Such a long drive! “Vee vant to see leetle beet of your…

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MadJam 2012 Update #7

Jack and Jills…Jack and Jills! Saturday morning! (“morning” as in 1-4pm Saturday afternoon) Bill Cameron on the mic; Anthony DeRosa DJing

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MadJam 2012 Update #8

… Champion Jack and Jills continued…

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MadJam 2009 Update #1

Yallo! Liza here, on our way to Chicago, and now have some time to write about…

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