Liza May

The Luis Scandal

At first only whispered about, the story blew up in public last Wednesday when an anonymous writer posted on Facebook, calling for action. And explosion followed.

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SwingDiego 2014 Update #7 – 12 THINGS YOU DIDN’T WANT TO KNOW

Wanted to mention a couple of the great Showcase routines we saw this weekend (What a GREAT division this year! Even if Brennar and Crystal couldn’t dance due to sudden illness, hopefully all over by now, ugh, ask them about it)

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City of Angels 2014 Update #8 – Why Allstars Are Not Fish

In a dark corner of the lobby, late Saturday night at City of Angels, an unusually candid discussion took place.

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The West Coast Swing community has lost a treasure. Lance Shermoen passed away Tuesday, February 4th, from a sudden unknown illness. Goodbye dear Lance. Thank you for your joy and love. May you rest in…

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West Coast 2014 – Here We Go!

HERE WE GO! West Coast 2014 starts this weekend! "America's Classic" in TexasAND THAT’S THE FIRST HALF OF 2014!!! So, Friends and fellow dancers around the world … Are you READY? THEN … LET’S GO GO GO! *Disclaimer: There are a gajillion…

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