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Phoenix 2014 Update #2 – The Feather In Your Cap


I’ve NEVER seen anything like this in my life! Sounds like a TORRENTIAL screaming hurricane – but there’s no rain! Nothing but WILD winds raging through the trees. The roar is so loud, the clanging of the metal umbrellas, branches whipping against the stucco walls – you have to yell to be heard.

I’m out on the balcony in the angry dark and wow THE SKY! OMG! Never seen a sky like it!

Swirls of thrashing deep charcoal you can barely make out through the dust, pierced through by illuminated cut-outs, geometric shapes as if they were slashed with a giant knife to show a glowing white heaven shining through from far above. So dramatic! So extremely gorgeous!

It’s just 9:30 as I write this – dancing is just starting in the main ballroom.

GREAT day so far! Workshops, arrivals, the Intensive, hanging by the pool, getting pampered in the uber-luxurious spa, hitting the fitness center, relaxing with friends …

And a lovely Champagne and Ouers D’ouvres Party to welcome all the non-USers!

George says so far 13 countries represented, 27 US states, and more expected. I hope this becomes one of the events that draws a huge international crowd. It should be! This is Phoenix!

The ballroom is gorgeous!

Stunning ceiling! And look at that floor!

The building which houses the main ballroom (and many smaller ballrooms and meeting rooms) is grand and imposing – lush carpeting, art work, sconces, bannisters, leather, brass, polished wood, palatial ceilings, chandeliers. Presidents and foreign dignitaries meet in these halls. Gives the event a feeling of grandeur, importance, elegance. Which it should! This is Phoenix!

Phoenix – for years and years – was THE premiere event. The event you waited for all year. You got your tickets early – they’d often be sold-out a year in advance (and then you had to find scalpers.)

Phoenix was the US Open of Jack and Jills. Winning at Phoenix was the Feather In Your Cap. You’d put Phoenix on your resume.

And then …

There was the pool.


Phoenix … and The Pool.

More about that next Update …

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