Liza May

Summer Hummer 2011 Update #1

We have a generator! Bill says the hotel is ready for us – we can stay holed up here at the special dance rate, and Bill will keep the floors down until the storm is done with us. This is FUN! Can you imagine a funner place to be stuck in a hurricane…

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Summer Hummer 2011 Update #2

It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Boston and we are finally on our way home having survived Hurricane Irene, cancelled flights, and two extra days days in the hotel. Fifteen Europeans are still stranded for another week which they’re loving…

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Summer Hummer 2010 Update #1

Summah Hummah up they-ya in Baaston. It has now come and gone. WHAT a fun supah dupah fun weekend! Okay, so results first:

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Summer Hummer 2010 Update #2

Showcase was next on Friday night. Judges were Pussycat Dolls with the addition of two very happy men: Jess, Jen, Rutz, Donna Roesel, Stephanie Batista, and Deborah Szekely … and Doug Rousar and Cordoba. (Chief Judge Maira Pineda).

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Summer Hummer 2010 Update #3

Saturday Night! The Big Night!

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Summer Hummer 2010 Update #4

Ohhhhhh Kaaaaaaayyyy. As I write this is Sunday of Labor Day weekend. Dallas is happening, Festa’s “Hudson Swing Affair” is happening. It is mind-blowingly GORRRRGEOUSSSS weather here in DC, and ta da! Here’s the last of the Summah Hummah

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