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Summer Hummer 2012 Update #1

On our way to Summa Humma!

At the gate here in the Air Tran terminal (merged with Southwest) so we get the hip line of rocking-chairs looking out onto the tarmac, wide leather armchairs, and banks of outlets everywhere. There are *three* women spotted so far buried in “Fifty Shades of Grey.” What is it about that book?

I am receiving the funniest series of texts from Connie Gauthier and mom Tracy on their drive up to Boston together.

Connie: “there is not an agressive bone in mom’s body. hard to be a backseat driver in this car”

Tracy: “whatever my daughter is telling you is not true. she is the slo bo”

Connie: “i’m flying next year at least if I fly I can feel some acceleration”

“oh no. we’re stopping for lunch. STOPPING.”

“mom just shoved her phone in my face so I could read your last text. out loud.”

“playing my ipod over the speakers and she has the volume turned all the way down.”

“oh no! she recognizes a song and turned the volume all the way up and is singing out loud.”

It goes on like that. This road trip needs to be a SNL skit.

Forecasting beautiful sunny weather for Saturday’s pool party! Yippee! Bill runs a mean pool party.

Love that this is a NASDE comp. Love NASDE comps – love the routines, the high level of social dancing, most of all love being surrounded by people as nuts for this dance as we are.

Tonight’s the kick-off dance – hope we make it in time to dance some of it!


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