Liza May

Tampa 2009 – Update #4

We’re home! We know there *is* a driveway in front of our house, but you couldn’t tell by looking – leaves leaves everywhere! The whole neighborhood smells like leaves!

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Tampa 2009 – Update #5

Oh, forgot to mention: Dragonflies the size of large pterodactyls, several of which scared the crap out of me slamming into my head while I was sitting on the balcony gazing at the sunset. But beautiful!

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Tampa 2008 – Update #1

We’re here in Tampa! Gorgeous sunny weather, bunch of us hung out at the pool this afternoon. DC folks, so far: Whitney and her 2 husbands, Faith, Lara and Keith, James. Tonite is Masters and Soph routines, Showcase, All-Star JJ, and this “Mixed…

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Tampa 2008 – Update #2

Faith made Intermediate finals!!!!!!…

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