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Boston Tea Party 2013 Update #1

First day of Spring! And it’s SNOWING in Boston? That was us yesterday, on our way from DC to Boston Tea Party for the 10th year in a row. We have a ritual. Every year we say “Why do we want to go north where it’s gray and bitter and the ground is covered withContinue Reading

Boston Tea Party 2013 Update #2

Tom’s brand shoes everywhere! Someone should be getting a commission. Torri’s cool shoes last night: gray bucks with hot pink soles – from Target! Kay Newhouse walking around the ballroom with a container of her homemade chocolate-chili-pepper-matzoh confections – I got so excited I knocked the entire container into the air and WE CAUGHT IT.Continue Reading

Boston Tea Party 2013 Update #3

Jack and Jill Finalists! Advanced: Andrew Mastin Bob Gorman Brad Wheeler Genieboy Collins Josh MacDonald Matthew Smith Peter Fradley Sean Ryan Steve Wilder William Montgomery alts: Randy Payne Richard Smith Bonnie Cannon Kim Brolet Kimiko Lashley Mariel Manzone Nina El-Badry Pricilla Christie Sara Mouchon Shoshi Kushnir Sonya Dessureault Sohie Cazeneuve alts: Angelique Early Anna NovoaContinue Reading

Boston Tea Party 2013 Update #4

Music! (Victor DJ’d all comps) Crossover: (couples got one 90’s swing tune and one lindy tune) Kyle and Naomi – “Motown Philly” (Boyz II Men) and “Flat Foot Floogie” (McKinney’s Cotton Pickers) Peter and Melissa Rutz – “Poison” (Bell Biv Devoe) and “Jive at Five” (Count Basie) Lindo and Annie – “Strike It Up” (BlackContinue Reading

Boston Tea Party 2013 Update #5

Friday and Saturday night social dancing was FANTABULOUS. Everyone had a blast, energy in all three ballrooms jumping hot. Dancing both nights until 7am with the floor staying full all the way to the last song – that’s unusual. Here are a few of the GREAT dances I mentioned in the last update: John andContinue Reading

Boston Tea Party 2012 Update #1

News Alert:  STEVE DRZEWICZEWSKI CARTWHEELS ACROSS ROOM. In an effort to outshine his 7-year-old champion cheerleader/gymnast daughter Mr. Stephen Drzwhatever humiliated himself tonight in front of an audience of 1,400 by attempting a series of spastic lunges across the floor. His daughter Grace, a rising superstar on the competitive cheerleading circuit, had performed flawless back-flipsContinue Reading

Boston Tea Party 2012 Update #2

Here we are again, just like last year and the year before, and the year before that … saying,”That was the HARDEST I have ever laughed! Ever!” We’ve just seen the Crossover! Amazing dancing AMAZING! And before the Crossover the Opening Act: Steve and Rebecca’s ferocious 7-yr-old daughter Gracie and two of her cheerleading teammatesContinue Reading

Boston Tea Party 2011 Update #1

Fun! Funfunfunfunfun. WOW do Lindy dancers know how to scream and cheer! Feels like I’ve just finished raving about the Chicago crowd but holy shaMOLY these Lindy guys are LOUD! One whole corner (either loud Baltimore or louder Quebec – lotta Quebecois here, really fun crowd) screaming their heads off, standing on chairs, sitting onContinue Reading

Boston Tea Party 2011 Update #2

Oh. My. Gawd. I might have just seen the funniest hour-and-a-half I’ve ever seen in 25 year in the dance community. My stomach is killing me, had to keep putting down the camera cause I was laughing too hard to take pictures. Holy kriminy. Talk about skanks. ALL the pro’s are skanks – lindy andContinue Reading

Boston Tea Party 2011 Update #3

Oh, and just to clarify (cause I keep getting asked): they were not actually *panties* which Jessica had black ones of, and which Tatiana had way too loose ones of. They were *bloomers.*  Lindy bloomers (shorts as they’re sometimes called, and in fact many girls wear boy-shorts or biker shorts cause they don’t ride up)Continue Reading