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Capital 2012 Update #1

What a lovely day in Sacramento today! Brilliant sunshine, balmy breezes blowing across the lake, all day long a lazy lullabye of white noise: geese arguing and squawking and flapping across the water; the whoosh, whoosh, whoosh as the fountains spray upward; and every hour a freight train winds its way by us, blowing itsContinue Reading

Capital 2012 Update #2

Had dinner last night beside the long windows overlooking the lake and fountains sparkling in the dark, the geese still honking and arguing in the spray, sparks flying from bonfires on the pier, disco ball throwing colored lights across the steel floor and glass walls of the bar (the bar where Jordan and Parker DJContinue Reading

Capital 2012 Update #3

What a gorgeous sunny day yesterday! Great happy energy all day. It’s the weather! The weather has so much to do with the mood of an event! How can you not have fun when you’re playing outside in the sun all day? Great weather makes the whole weekend feel like you’re on holiday vacation. Juniors,Continue Reading

Capital 2012 Update #4

By now you have probably heard that neither Jordan and Tatiana nor Kyle and Sarah danced at Boogie by the Bay in October. Really spoiled things for Boogie last year. The reason for this sad turn was that the judging panel included one member who made it clear beforehand that s/he was unable to beContinue Reading

Capital 2012 Update #5

We’ve just finished Awards for this evening’s comps – routines! Love that Awards are presented throughout the day, after each comp! So much better than having to wait for Sunday, when everyone’s spacey and exhausted, packing up rooms, trying to make flights. What a difference it makes to have results as they happen during theContinue Reading

Capital 2012 Update #6

I’m TIRED! But before I fade away tonight I want to tell you about last night’s routines … Two Sophisticated, saw them both at the Open, both great: ~ Scott Mason (That would be Mr. Laureen UFO Throw-An-Asian Baldovi Mason) and Dawne Kiehm, “Be Myself Again” (Eric Benet,) an adorable quick snappy piece, Dawne andContinue Reading

Capital 2012 Update #7

Packing to leave for the airport but I’m getting a bunch of texts and emails asking about last night’s results so here, they are! Masters JJ 1st Place Warren Pino and Laurie Shafer 2nd Mark Endo and Peggy Allen 3rs Paul Canziani and Michelle Dittfach 4th Gary Thompson and Patty Houston 5th Jack Smith andContinue Reading

Capital 2012 Update #8

Classsssssic! Yaaaaay! Awesome night … TWELVE couples! That’s a lot of Classic couples! I counted four that, at least to me, were brand new. And the rest as new as the Open. So exciting! 1. Ben McHenry and Cameo, “Fort Knox” (Goldfish), elegant in black and white, so smoooooth! This is one of those couplesContinue Reading

Capital 2012 Update #9

… More Classic! 7. Ronnie and Brandi to “It’s Not Impossible” (Ben Sollee). For a solid month after the Open I could not get this song out of my head, finally shaking it some time late January.  And now here we go again – after seeing this beautiful routine I am stuck all over again,Continue Reading

Capital 2012 Update #10

More WONDERFUL news!  Mark Scheuffele – Mark The Marine – asked for Sharlot Bott’s hand in marriage. And Sharlot said YES! YAAAAAAAAAY HOW WONDERFUL! A summer wedding is planned. Steve announced this Saturday night, and what a great, happy way to start off the evening! And on Sunday Steve announced the marriage of Mr. andContinue Reading