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Chicago 2013 Update #6

SPECIAL NEWS! Arjay and Bridget have a baby boy! Born March 11! Which, as Arjay pointed out, is a cool palindrome:  3-11-13 In other news: I am getting hourly CNN alerts about the color of smoke coming out of a chimney. Cool it CNN! Wolf Blitzer dude seriously! Take a chill pill.  If the smokeContinue Reading

Chicago 2013 Update #5

CLASSIC 1st Place Jordan and Tatiana 2 Kyle and Sarah 3 Matt and Crystal 4 Sebastien et Blandine 5 Arthur and Colleen SHOWCASE 1st Place Myles and Tessa 2 Greg and Lemery 3 Robert and Nicola 4 Rob and Connie 5 Jason and Sophy RISING STAR 1st Place Hieu Le and Natalie Gorg 2 KyleContinue Reading

Chicago 2013 Update #4

Remember the tall hairy bearded guy in the pink tutu and ballet slippers? Who crashed the party? At Swing Dance America 2007, I think it was, Saturday night? Hollering and making hellaruckus when security escorted him out of the ballroom? Tried pulling off his tutu in protest? Well I think we maybe got crashed hereContinue Reading

Chicago 2013 Update #3

Cold, overcast, gray weather out there today but who cares? This hotel is so beautiful you don’t want to go outside. You’re too busy lounging on a plush couch in the lobby, with your notepad, watching the balconies. Or maybe down in the ballroom watching Jack and Jill prelims which are today … Grace isContinue Reading

Chicago 2013 Update #2

Want to see the ballroom? Watch the live stream all weekend! Click here for Thumbs Up Video! Dim, sexy red lighting for late-nite dancing in the ballroom! It’s a trend! It’s a meme! We’re getting great moody lighting at more and more events. Really ads trancey dramatic atmosphere as the night goes into the weeContinue Reading

Chicago 2013 Update #1

This hotel! OMG stunning. The lobby! Most dramatic, elegant hotel on the circuit (at least here in the United States) that I’m aware of. Contemporary, Hyatt-atrium style, like Atlanta. Excellent for spying! Relaxing in the lounge or bar you can watch every person walking around the balconies on every level on their way to theirContinue Reading

Chicago 2012 Results

We weren’t at Chicago but we watched all weekend. Some results: Classic: 1st Ben and Melissa 2 Kyle and Sarah 3 Kris and Rebecca 4 Sebastien and Blandine 5 Luis and Taletha Showcase: 1st Myles and Tessa 2 Roystons 3 Greg and Lemery 4 Stephen and Sabrina 5 Ben and Rebecca Rising Star: 1st JeffContinue Reading

Chicago Classic 2010 Update #1

Chi-caaago Classic! Third year of this comp (since Nancy Tuzzolini and Jim Becker took over) and our third year here. This year we’re at a new hotel – a huge convention Hyatt Regency 10 minutes from the airrport (which, except for the fact that every so often the room shakes with a roar that blowsContinue Reading

Chicago Classic 2010 Update #2

This is a convention hotel, as I mentioned.So guess what OTHER convention is going on here? A bondage convention. Bondage, as in S&M. EEEEEWWWW!!! eeewww EEEWWWWW. Most of them are in black – Darth Vader vampire icky witches things with one blood red rose in stringy hair, creepy guys with pointed hairdo’s … EEEEWWW. Nobody’sContinue Reading

Chicago Classic 2010 Update #3

Sitting in airport, got an internet connection, so Awards: Classic (there were six couples): 1  Ben and Melina 2  Jason and Erica 3  The Markers 4  Aussies (dancing Classic for the first time!) Scott and Kat 5  Frenchies Julien and Beverly 6  Oscar and Samantha   Rising Star: 1. Gilbert and Melissa 2. Jeffrey MunsonContinue Reading