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Desert City 2013 – Update #1

What a fun event! Great new hotel! Ten minutes from airport! Thrilling skyscraper-high waterslide; “lazy river” with tubes to float along in the sun around the perimeter of the property; giant golf course; fountains and waterfalls, small pools, rows of hibachis and comfy chairs; waterpark; rooms with bathroom in the bedroom at the foot ofContinue Reading

Desert City 2013 – Update #2

Stories in a moment … but first! Jack and Jill Finalists! And last night’s AWARDS! By the way … Yes, I did take pictures of the score sheets and yes I would be happy to text them to you if you missed them. I always take pictures – on my phone so I can textContinue Reading

Desert City 2013 – Update #3

You might have heard that we had a bit of a mishap at Desert City. “Bit of” as in the entire Desert City staff (30 people? 50?) got food poisoning from undercooked pork served as Friday night’s staff dinner in the Hospitality Suite. I can only say that I feel sorriest for the poor cooksContinue Reading

Desert City 2013 – Update #4

An important correction! Tricia McLaws Reynold – the cook for Friday night’s Hospitality Suite dinner – tells me that she did not mistakenly serve undercooked pork. “I am the cook and have been for the last 3 years. In fact I have made that exact dish for numerous events many times. The fact is weContinue Reading

Desert City 2012 Update #1

It is POURING! Not just raining but serious torrential downpour. Palm trees outside the room bent over sideways, whipping around like the hair’s gonna be blown off their heads. A flash flood warning is in effect until midnight. Remnants of Hurricane Isaac maybe? Mike says yesterday afternoon brought a ferocious dust-storm – they have aContinue Reading

Desert City 2012 Update #2

No more rain! Dried up after that last update and it’s been rain-free ever since! Muggy, like we’re on the inside of a cloud.  (Heavy Cloud – la la la boom! – but No Rain.) Phoenix weather – who knew? They have interesting names for things around here. “The Boob travels at 100 km/h (60Continue Reading

Desert City 2012 Update #3

What a rowdy crowd! Packed ballroom whistling, pounding and screaming for Novice prelims (which came even before Opening Ceremonies.) There is huge support for beginner dancers here, huge excitement and “ownership” of the new dancers, and it shows in how they dance. Novice dancers are good here, really good, clearly getting a strong foundation inContinue Reading

Desert City 2012 Update #4 SCHEDULE CHANGE

SCHEDULE CHANGE ANNOUNCEMENT Intermediate SEMI-FINALS added to schedule. An Intermediate Jack and Jill Semi-Final division is now scheduled for 7pm this evening. Intermediate Semi-Finalists are: Callbacks for Intermediate Semi-Finalist Leaders: Hareesh Kapoor Robert Campos Joshua Flores Thomas Carter Peter Elliott Samy Kaye Powers Joshua Danger Baine Alex Waller Cesario Dos Santos Marlon Mills Nick MoorContinue Reading

Desert City 2012 Update #5

JACK AND JILL FINALISTS JUST POSTED: Masters Finalists Mark Endo Ric Shube Louie Juarez Mike Booth Russ Hausske Martin Brown Patrick Plagens Warren Pino John Demnkoff Jack Ray Bob Brown Alt: Michael Heath Susy Fries Laurie Shafer Linda Marcus Glenda Smith Dawn Deeks Mindy Halladay Vivian Glucksman-Weiss Jill Aversa Bess Rodriguez Kelly Wentling Peggy AllenContinue Reading

Desert City 2012 Update #6

AWARDS!   FINALISTS! Tonight’s events in backwards order … [drum roll]   AND YOUR WINNERS ARE …   [drum roll] Masters Jack and Jill! 5th Louie Juarez and Susy Fries 4th Jack B. Ray and Jill Aversa 3rd Warren Pino and Mindy Halladay 2nd Bob Brown and Bess Rodriguez 1st Place Mike Booth ad Laurie Shafer Masters StrictlyContinue Reading