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Spotlight New Year’s 2012 Update #3

What an outpouring of love for Doug and Lori! It’s now been three days and Facebook is overflowing with long missives on how much the weekend meant, how great Doug and Lori are, the love felt all weekend, how thankful people are to be part of the community. Heartfelt thank you’s and appreciations of DougContinue Reading

Spotlight New Year’s 2012 Update #2

Bookends on Sunday night – omgawd – we haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. Three acts: the “Swifter Swingers” – Beverly Solazzo (who’s funny even when she’s not doing funny routines) and two friends dancing with attitude and Swifter-Sweeper mops (and dusting gloves and rags which they flung seductively into the audience.) Doug:Continue Reading

Spotlight New Year’s 2012 Update #1

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY! So much fun here at Spotlight! So far today JJ prelims and semis – finals (all Masters, and Novice through Advanced – all spotlight!!) in an hour.¬† Later tonight Allstar/Pro JJ finals … and … the highlight … what we are hearing is gonna be a BAD ASS extremely heelarious routineContinue Reading

Spotlight New Year’s 2011 Update #1

Oh my GAWD what a great New Year’s! Four days of brilliant moments. SO MUCH¬† LAUGHING! My stomach will never recover. I don’t know where to start! Maybe with Doug’s latest genius creation, yet another brilliant idea: a new division, the “Jack and Jill Classic” in which Allstars and Pros draw names on Friday nightContinue Reading