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VIP 2011 Update #1

Made it to SoCal! 85° balmy blue skies, rolling canyons, movies, television, music … who wouldn’t want to be here? Thursday was fairly quiet in the hotel … saw Kellese and Mommy Cher, a buncha Texans lounging by the pool, Carmen, Rosa, and Yvonne from Chicago, a few tired Russians checking in at the frontContinue Reading

VIP 2011 Update #2

Opening Ceremonies postponed ’till 9:30 so I’ve got a quick moment here … So far we’ve had Novice and Intermediate JJ prelims: 24 Novice couples, Intermediate 10 boys 14 girls. Judges for these divisions: Chief Judge Yvonne Antonacci, Carmen, Lori Hayner, Michelle Kincaid, Kellese, and Lasonda Campbell. Novice Strictly’s (5 couples) and Intermediate Strictly’s (7Continue Reading

VIP 2011 Update #3

This is a great thing Barry is doing here. I keep hearing from one Allstar after another how awesome it feels to have this opportunity to compete without having to go up against Champion dancers in the same division. Robert Royston on the mic tonight and he is a great emcee. So funny. So quick!Continue Reading

VIP 2011 Update #4

Advanced and Allstar JJ and Strictly prelims and begin in an hour, tonight the WAG Awards! With Red Carpet interviews with: Robert and Nicola Royston, Ben McHenry and Tara Trafzer, Ben Morris and Melissa Rutz, John Lindo, Michael Kielbasa, Michael and LeAnn Norris, Earl Pingel and Parker Dearborn, Sharlot Bott and Mark Scheuffle, Mary AnnContinue Reading

VIP 2011 Update #5

It’s afternoon here. The sun is so bright, skies are so blue, air is so gentle. No semi’s so we’ve got a bit of a break until tonight’s Awards. Dancers lounging everywhere – at the pool, napping on the terrace couches, at the bar. Bunch of Texans lugging cases of beer and bags of chipsContinue Reading

VIP 2011 Update #6

Results! Just walked in the front door, finally home after a long day of flying across the country from VIP, back to my Genieboy (who had to work this weekend so couldn’t make it to the event – first comp in seven years we weren’t together. We drive each other crazy but miss the heckContinue Reading

VIP 2011 Update #7

More Results: More Results: Classic: 1. Kris and Rebecca 2. Ben and Cameo 3. Ed and MacKenzie 4. Josh and Katherine 5. Steven Van Nguyen and Carla Romine Haggm 6. Sean and Courtney 7. Mike and Angie 8. Michael O’Connor and Linda Cuccio 9. Cooper and Jessica Showcase 1. Greg and Lemery 2. Rob andContinue Reading