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“DCSex” (formerly VSO) 2011 Update #1

Two days back from Tampa and here we are at DCSex (you might know it as VSO).  Then we’re home for two days before we fly out to … the Open! So! It’s Friday night at this event created by Hutch (Craig Hutchinson) so very many years ago. It was Hutch’s idea for VSO (theContinue Reading

“DCSex” (formerly VSO) 2011 Update #2

Packing, unpacking, repacking, AUGHGHGHGH!! Two days between events is not enough! DCSex (the artist formerly known as VSO) (which has now been renamed “DC Swing eXperience (official event)”)  (or DCSX) (or DCSex) turned out to be a FUNnnn! weekend! Terribly cramped Friday night, even more terribly cramped Saturday morning for Novice prelims (even standing roomContinue Reading