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USO 2016 Update #8 - Who's Dancing in Classic and Showcase?



Saturday 1:45 PM

  • Ben McHenry and Cameo Cross
  • Christopher Dumond and Tara Trafzer
  • David Weise and Heather Powers
  • Ben Morris and Victoria Henk
  • Sean McKeever and Courtney Adair
  • Edson Modesto and Irina Puzanova
  • Gary McIntyre and Susan Kirklin
  • Jesse Dickso and Lannie Sullivan
  • John Kirkconnell and Alyssa Glanville
  • Kyle Redd and Sarah Vann Drake
  • Hugo Miguez and Stacy Kay
  • Lee Easton and Fabienne Henshall
  • Edwin Li and Joanna Meinl
  • PJ Turner and Tashina Beckmann
  • Parker Dearborn and Melissa Rutz
  • Clint Glasgow and Mackenzie Goodmanson
  • Semion Ovsiannikov and Maria Elizarova
  • Tony Schubert and Larisa Tingle
  • Daniel Guido and chantelle Pianetta
  • Peter Fradley and Michelle Fletcher
  • Stephen White and Sonya White
  • Vladimir Leonov and Olga Malafeevskaya
  • Demetre Souliotes and Kara Frenzel
  • Ryan Crutcher and Beverly Brunerie
  • Sebastien Cadet and Blandine Iche
  • Joshua Sturgeon and Delancey Von Langendoerfer
  • Brennar Goree and Autumn Jones


Friday 9:00 PM

  • Benji Schwimmer and Nicole Clonch
  • Doug Silton and Nicki Silton
  • Glenn Ball and Patty Vo
  • Diego Borges and Jessica Pacheco
  • Gregory Scott and Lemery Rollins
  • Mike Caringer and Hannah Meyer
  • Jerome Subey and Bonnie Cannon Subey
  • Myles Munroe and Tessa Cunningham Monroe
  • Rome Slater and Chevy Slater
  • Kadu Pires and Larissa Thayane
  • Nicholas King and Cameo Cross
  • Philippe Berne and Flore Merlier
  • Didier Sellam and Geneste Melodie

Running to ballroom! Will post more divisions later this evening.


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