Liza May

Us and Them


We are different, you and I, and we know it.

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HST 2016 Update #8 - The Scary Strictlys


She's a cat. An overemotional neurotic boozing, pill-popping, head-case, Diva cat.

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Which Millennials?


Dazed and Confused and Color Blind

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USO 2016 Update #5 - Election Eve and The Golden Rule


An historic election comes to an end. And Tatiana weighs in on the candidates.

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HST 2016 Update #7 - Where To Find Pictures


Pictures are FREE to download. Here's where to find them.

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HST 2016 Update #6 - HALLOWEEN!


Instructions for Routine Couples!

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HST 2016 Update #5 - Risotto?


Beer, Strictlys, and Italian Grandmothers

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HST 2016 Update #4 - Chibchacum


The Beach Party, Pub-Hopping, Karaoke, and Rain Gods

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HST 2016 Update #3 - Enter Jordan and Tatiana


A Brief History of the Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of an Event

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USO 2016 Update #4 - Competitors on Preparing For The Open


"That last week we're just trying to survive. We're being careful of our health, watching energy levels, most of all trying to not kill each other."

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