Liza May

US Open 2016 Update #3 - 18 GREAT Dance Blogs!


The Open is almost here! Up your game! Here are 18 of the top West Coast Swing blogs FULL of tips, training techniques, videos, lessons, and inspiration.

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HST 2016 Update #2 - 25 Makeup and Costume Hacks!


DIY Costume Makeup Tips and Tricks from Superstar Special Effects Artist Elizabeth LaGue!

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US Open 2016 Update #2 - What's NEW this year?


How many routines in each Division? Ruth gives us numbers, and new additions this year!

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HST 2016 Update #1 - Halloween For Dummies


"That time of year when the physical and supernatural worlds were closest and magical things could happen and the spirits of the dead would come out to eat, talk, and party with the living."

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US OPEN 2016 UPDATE #1 - 49 DAYS!


Competitor Deadlines! Ticket Information! Hotel Room Block Deadline! And ... What To Do in L.A.!

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Liberty 2016 Update #4 - Maxime and Torri GET MARRIED!


No matter what, the last thing we always say, every night, is "I love you. Goodnight!"

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Liberty 2016 Update #3 - Results!


Here are some first results. All scores to be posted on

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Liberty 2016 Update #2 - Fallout?

Brexit text with British and Eu flags illustration

He knows what it feels like to go to an event and be herded like cattle. Not good.

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Liberty 2016 Update #1 - What are Mugwumps?


"Never murder a man who is committing suicide." -- Woodrow Wilson

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SwingDiego 2016 Update #5 - The "Pit," The "Internationals" and Why Not To Be A Dancer


Maybe events are bigger than they used to be, or people are politer than they used to be, but it's hard to pull off jam-circles and "pits" ... maybe "campfire stories" and jams are moments that must arise spontaneously by themselves.

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