Monthly Archives: November 2008

Tampa 2008 – Update #1

We’re here in Tampa! Gorgeous sunny weather, bunch of us hung out at the pool this afternoon. DC folks, so far: Whitney and her 2 husbands, Faith, Lara and Keith, James. Tonite is Masters and Soph routines, Showcase, All-Star JJ, and this “Mixed Bag” thing where u don’t know if ur leading or following andContinue Reading

Tampa 2008 – Update #2

Faith made Intermediate finals!!!!!!!  FAYFEE!!!!  WHOOOPEEEEE!!!! Orion made advanced finals. Don and Whitney dance allstar tomorrow. Genieboy didn’t, neither did James, Dallas, or me. However, I have decided that enough is enough. From now on I’m writing my name onto the finals sheets. Didn’t have a pen with me tonight so I used lipstick andContinue Reading