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Recent Updates

SwingDiego 2016 Update #3 - Get Ready To RUMBLE!


Recreating the US Open "pit" - a miracle of lighting - and Classic! Showcase! Rising Star!

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SwingDiego 2016 Update #2 - The Good and the Great in Art


He was taking an acute assessment of me, how easily am I shocked, how much varnish do I require to be painted on the truth.

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SwingDiego 2016 Update #1 - The Creepy Girl and The Breakfast Buffet


Blissful, breezy shiny San Diego! And this funny, flawed hotel. What's not to love?

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US Open 2015 Update #8 - Help For Injured Dancers


Where to go if you are injured - doctors; dance-health specialists and clinics; tips and injury prevention for dancers.

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US Open 2015 Update #7 - The End Of An Era


Jordan and Tatiana's Final Bow

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