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Recent Updates

Liberty 2016 Update #4 - Maxime and Torri GET MARRIED!


No matter what, the last thing we always say, every night, is "I love you. Goodnight!"

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Liberty 2016 Update #3 - Results!


Here are some first results. All scores to be posted on

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Liberty 2016 Update #2 - Fallout?

Brexit text with British and Eu flags illustration

He knows what it feels like to go to an event and be herded like cattle. Not good.

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Liberty 2016 Update #1 - What are Mugwumps?


"Never murder a man who is committing suicide." -- Woodrow Wilson

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SwingDiego 2016 Update #5 - The "Pit," The "Internationals" and Why Not To Be A Dancer


Maybe events are bigger than they used to be, or people are politer than they used to be, but it's hard to pull off jam-circles and "pits" ... maybe "campfire stories" and jams are moments that must arise spontaneously by themselves.

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