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Reported with 347% Accuracy

Hi there! It's me, Liza!

I'm a mediocre photographer, a so-so writer, and an uninspiring West Coast Swing dancer. But I'm really enthusiastic.

This website is a collection of the articles I've been writing and the pictures I've been taking on the West Coast Swing competition circuit.

(And professional photographs from actual non-dance-related weddings and other contracted photo shoots.)

In 2006 - before the advent of LiveStreaming, Facebook streaming, or YouTube - before all that - I thought my friends at home would like to hear all the fun and funny and astonishing stuff going on at events, while the event was actually happening.

So I started sending emails from my phone to a small group of dancer friends at home in DC.

To my surprise, I discovered my messages were being forwarded. We’d go to a competition in Texas and people would ask to be added to my list. I’d tell them there was no actual “list" and I was no kind of journalist - I was just pounding out rough notes, bad grammar, bad spelling, bad writing. "Add me," they'd say.

Pretty soon the “list” got too big for my phone, so I moved to Gmail.

Then it got too big for Gmail so I moved to a newsletter service.

Now thousands of people are subscribed. Thousands! That's pretty cool. I hope they're actually reading the Updates, which are longer than 140 characters. Since the whole world has ADD I'm assuming nobody lasts beyond the first sentence. That's okay - I'm writing for myself.  Because I can't just see all that great stuff and not tell about it.  It's just plain fun.

I hadn't been saving the Updates. Who would want to read old news? I deleted all those first years - the ones sent out on my phone.

But now, dancers who weren’t born yet in 2006 want to read updates “from the olden days.” 2006 is the olden days.

I don’t have those updates from the olden days! Do you? If you do happen to have any from 2006-2009 please send them to [email protected] They might be fun, mistakes and all.

So that’s what this website is - the misadventures of my husband Genieboy and myself sent from west coast swing competitions, 2006 to the present. And a few essays on community culture, issues, dramas, and breaking news.

You'll find Updates listed by Event Name over on the right of each page.

Pictures are FREE to download - for dancers. I don't charge dancers for pictures. It's never seemed right. I'm not doing this to make a profit, just for the pure fun of it. You'll find a few sample pictures from each event under the “Event Photography” tab; and the complete collection of all photos from the event under the "Archives" tab.

Please feel free to leave comments! Corrections (I make a lot of mistakes,) your impressions of an event, gripes, thoughts about the community, your life as a wcs dancer, where to buy pizza at 4am, new events you want to publicize ... all comments are welcome.

If you’d like to receive these Updates in your Inbox, in real time, during the events, click here to subscribe.

Thank you for reading!


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