Monthly Archives: March 2010

Chicago Classic 2010 Update #1

Chi-caaago Classic! Third year of this comp (since Nancy Tuzzolini and Jim Becker took over) and our third year here. This year we’re at a new hotel – a huge convention Hyatt Regency 10 minutes from the airrport (which, except for the fact that every so often the room shakes with a roar that blowsContinue Reading

Chicago Classic 2010 Update #2

This is a convention hotel, as I mentioned.So guess what OTHER convention is going on here? A bondage convention. Bondage, as in S&M. EEEEEWWWW!!! eeewww EEEWWWWW. Most of them are in black – Darth Vader vampire icky witches things with one blood red rose in stringy hair, creepy guys with pointed hairdo’s … EEEEWWW. Nobody’sContinue Reading

Chicago Classic 2010 Update #3

Sitting in airport, got an internet connection, so Awards: Classic (there were six couples): 1  Ben and Melina 2  Jason and Erica 3  The Markers 4  Aussies (dancing Classic for the first time!) Scott and Kat 5  Frenchies Julien and Beverly 6  Oscar and Samantha   Rising Star: 1. Gilbert and Melissa 2. Jeffrey MunsonContinue Reading

Chicago Classic 2010 Update #4

Saturday night opened with a raucous hip-hop routine by a local team – 21 teenagers in camo, superman T’s and hoodies – crazy wild jumping spinning choreography weaving in and out – way cool. Then two Masters couples.  Then the six Classic couples, beginning with Jason and AnneMarie Marker. I mention the Markers because omgContinue Reading