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SwingDiego 2011 – Update #1

SwingDiego! One word: Abso [insert favorite expletive here] Lutely [insert expletive again] Awesome. No time to write all weekend cause Holy [insert expletive again] Shamoly – the schedule was packed with [expletive] awesomeness from the minute we arrived Thursday morning till the last minute we reluctantly dragged ourselves to the airport Monday morning, choked upContinue Reading

SwingDiego 2011 – Update #2

Swing Diego-o-o! Gee Willikers what an event! It’s been over a month and we still can’t stop talking about it. WHAT A GREAT COMP AUGHGHGHGHGHGH!! Get this: there were 17 Brazilians! 17!! Last year a really cute guy stood next to me in the registration line and when the Two Vivians (that’s right, both registrarsContinue Reading

SwingDiego 2011 – Update #3

Saturday morning we stumbled out onto our balcony and through the thick San Diego morning fog, far down below between the palm trees and monster-sized roses, beyond the pool we could make out 100 people moving silently in unison, like Tai-Chi practitioners in the park at the break of dawn. But they weren’t doing TaiContinue Reading

SwingDiego 2011 – Update #4

I mentioned that Danny Maika played live for late-nite dancing. Well weren’t we surprised when Earl brought Danny out onto the floor for the Champions’ Jack and Jill! This was Sunday afternoon, the final Big Show of the weekend, the best of the best about to get out there and blow our minds (since ourContinue Reading

SwingDiego 2011 – Update #5

So let’s see. What else. Well, in addition to west coast swing dancers there were some little-bit-creepy people in little-bit-creepy costumes sniveling and scurrying around the dark corners and out-of-the-way meeting rooms of the resort. It was a “Steamboat Punk” convention. Yeah, no, I don’t know either and yeah, I googled it too. Shades ofContinue Reading