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USOpen 2011 Update #1

We’re at the Open! We’re at the Open we’re at the Open We’re at the Open! AUGHGHGHGH! Wow! So exciting this year! So super EXTREMELY exciting! Routines holy shamoly!  I admit I’m easily excited but really, this time it’s not just me, the energy here this year is HOPPIN’ big time! You can just feelContinue Reading

US Open 2011 Update #2

Did I mention that Yvonne Antonacci is competing here at the Open? She did the Golden Ticket last night with David Guido (“Baby G”) and took third place! And Yvonne Wayne is judging this weekend!  Awesome how the two Yvonnes have totally switched identities! Or it could be I switched their names. Nah. I don’tContinue Reading

US Open 2011 Update #3

Was it really an entire week ago that we saw Showcase? Wow! Fastest week in history! We’ve been home now for four days two of which were spent either sleeping or stumbling around bumping into walls in a stupid-happy stupor, unpacking so slowly might as well stop trying, flopping exhausted onto the couch between tripsContinue Reading

US Open 2011 Update #4

We had planned to make it to the hotel in time for Ben Morris’ Wednesday night kick-off workshop but alas! Flight delays! We missed it daggnabbit.  We figured well, guess we wouldn’t be missing much in the way of social dancing since last year the hotel was pretty quiet on Wednesday night. Not this year!Continue Reading

“DCSex” (formerly VSO) 2011 Update #1

Two days back from Tampa and here we are at DCSex (you might know it as VSO).  Then we’re home for two days before we fly out to … the Open! So! It’s Friday night at this event created by Hutch (Craig Hutchinson) so very many years ago. It was Hutch’s idea for VSO (theContinue Reading

“DCSex” (formerly VSO) 2011 Update #2

Packing, unpacking, repacking, AUGHGHGHGH!! Two days between events is not enough! DCSex (the artist formerly known as VSO) (which has now been renamed “DC Swing eXperience (official event)”)  (or DCSX) (or DCSex) turned out to be a FUNnnn! weekend! Terribly cramped Friday night, even more terribly cramped Saturday morning for Novice prelims (even standing roomContinue Reading

Tampa 2011 Update #1

We’re in Tampa! Having a buh-last so far! Just finished the Allstar/Pro Strictly: – Brennar and Alyssa (HILARIOUS dancing, hilarious creative insanity. Brennar was on tonight, all night, his best funniest most outrageous self, red-faced, dripping with sweat, not missing a single instant to do something beautiful, witty, and almost always hysterically funny.) – JohnContinue Reading

Tampa 2011 Update #2

It’s Saturday morning and we’re about to head down to the ballroom to begin our day of JJ’s, Strictlys, and then tonight Young Adult and Classic. It is GORGEOUS weather here on the beach – clear blue skies, waves crashing all day, surfers skidding along, gulls crying, white sand as far as you can seeContinue Reading

Tampa 2011 Update #3

Holy Mackerel!  What a way to ruin a comp! How completely inappropriate can you get? Tonight was Saturday night, the Big Night! Wonderful show, the Willis Clan and their Reality TV pilot! Masters routines! Young Adult routines! Rising Star! And Classic! A wonderful exciting night, right? Two weeks before the Open? But a peculiar announcementContinue Reading

Tampa 2011 Update #4

Breaking News! A third judging panel has been convened to review the scores of the second panel which was convened to review the scores of the original judging panel for the Showcase Division at Tampa Bay Classic 2011. Discussions with a fourth review panel are underway in case this might be needed. In other news,Continue Reading