Monthly Archives: January 2012

Philly 2012 Update #1

Let Freedom Swing! hahahaha Yaaaaaay first year, brand new event, wsdc points!, short two-hour drive from DC, YAY! We have a BEAUTIFUL day today, a total surprise because the forecast was for torrential downpours of freezing rain.I was worried about flight delays, dangerous driving, drenched stressed-out dancers arriving late …. but none of that! ItContinue Reading

Philly 2012 Update #2

Hi! We’ve just finished JJ’s and have a four-hour break for workshops and dinner. Rob and Sheila, event directors, are pleased – 400 people! – pretty good for a first year in a community that’s not been on the map. Bunch of us were saying we don’t recognize any of the newcomers or novice, whichContinue Reading

Philly 2012 Update #3

Okay there were not 22 guys and 2 girls in Novice. I said that but the mistake was totally not my fault, it was my mouse’s fault. My mouse had a ghost moving it all weekend, relocating chunks of sentences all over the page, deleting words, reappearing them three paragraphs later, creeping around on itsContinue Reading

Spotlight New Year’s 2011 Update #1

Oh my GAWD what a great New Year’s! Four days of brilliant moments. SO MUCH  LAUGHING! My stomach will never recover. I don’t know where to start! Maybe with Doug’s latest genius creation, yet another brilliant idea: a new division, the “Jack and Jill Classic” in which Allstars and Pros draw names on Friday nightContinue Reading