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Milwaukee 2009 – Update #1

We made it to Milwaukee! Got to BWI two hours early, parked the car, waited almost 20 minutes for the shuttle to the terminal, lugged my big pink suitcase and little green suitcase and GB’s two suitcases up the elevator but couldn’t find the Midwest counter. I (not Genieboy) finally asked someone (men don’t likeContinue Reading

Milwaukee 2009 Update #2

Strictly’s were last night! Results (names I could catch): Hustle Novice 2nd Kelly Strouse and Michelle Haynes Hustle Intermediate: 5th Jimmy Torres and Peggy Polk (who has delightful armpits – Terry Roseborough got his thumb stuck in one and spent all Friday night sticking his thumb out for everyone to have a smell) 4th CindyContinue Reading

Milwaukee 2009 Update #3

It’s Sunday night, 10:15pm, and after wildly trying to photograph the judges’ sheets so we could tear out of the hotel to drive through the rain to the airport (which I checked seven times to make sure it’s the right airport) here we still are: Genieboy, Joe Arasin and I, still waiting for a flightContinue Reading