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Summer Hummer 2014 Update #2 – SCORES!

Summer Hummer 2014 Update #2 – SCORES!

  And now … before stories … For all the competition-minded who have been asking all week … Here are final scores for Summer Hummer 2014 ….                               … and from the website, minus judges scores, (because at some events ChampionContinue Reading

Summer Hummer 2014 Update #1 – The Most Boring Update Ever Written. In Tables.

Summer Hummer 2014 Update #1 – The Most Boring Update Ever Written. In Tables.

For Summer Hummer I got the brilliant idea to use fancy formatted tables for updates on contestants. I thought tables would look better than my hand-typed lists, with names the spelled wrong, very amateurish.  This is 2014.  There should be tables. So. I spent the entire weekend of Summer Hummer hurling shoes at my laptop,Continue Reading

Summer Hummer 2013 – Recap

Quick recap of Summer Hummer highlights. Favorite part of the weekend: ROUTINES! Eight Rising Star! Nine Classic! Seven Showcase! Five pro-am routines on Sunday! ~~~~~~~~~~ RISING STAR – Six brand new routines in this division, the other two only second time out on the floor! 1. NEW! Erich Soares & Gabriella Messias with “Never CloseContinue Reading

Summer Hummer 2012 Update #1

On our way to Summa Humma! At the gate here in the Air Tran terminal (merged with Southwest) so we get the hip line of rocking-chairs looking out onto the tarmac, wide leather armchairs, and banks of outlets everywhere. There are *three* women spotted so far buried in “Fifty Shades of Grey.” What is itContinue Reading

Summer Hummer 2012 Update #2

Our flight attendant was an adorable black woman with fashionably hip gold cuff bracelets, short matte-grey nails, Mary Janes, and the cutest pixie haircut with – hyperventilating – a shiny *metallic* gold streak in her hair from crown to forehead. Metallic! First time I’ve seen that. Must have this! I asked if she modeled andContinue Reading

Summer Hummer 2012 Update #3

Just finished Champions’ Strictly and WHAT FUN! Louis and Victor – the DJ dream-team, are, as Bill said on the mic, always trying to figure a new way to “bust these guys’ chops” (meaning find some new fun thing to do with their comp music.) So guess what they did tonight? Each couple got theContinue Reading

Summer Hummer 2012 Update #4

Showcase was tonight! Just before the Champion Strictly! Six great routines – it will be interesting to see how they are judged this time. Judges: Jessica, Steve Nereen, Anne Fleming, Heidi Mongeau, Donna Roesel, Kyle, and Maira Pineda as chief judge this weekend. 1. Stephen and Sabrina’s beautiful “Somewhere With You” – so many difficultContinue Reading

Summer Hummer 2012 Update #5

GB left the ballroom at 3 and says it was seriously rocking, GREAT energy. Victor texted at 6:15 am to say he was about to hand over DJing to Louis, 40 people still on the floor. Ha! Crazy great! I’m sure some of those cwazy people are competing at this very moment cause we haveContinue Reading

Summer Hummer 2012 Update #6

Pool party was SO FUN! Robert Royston! An amazement. He worked that mic for two solid hours – no stand-up comic could have done better. He’s hilarious, smart, witty, kind, inclusive, jumps around like a 12-year-old, has a potty mouth and knows when to use it (and when not), generous, silly, loves the community asContinue Reading

Summer Hummer 2012 Update #7

What a NIGHT! Allstar Prelims! Justin Sauer Dave Damon Kevin Balcon Cameron Crook Joe Mahoney Chris Lo Reginald Beason Michael Diener Rome Warren Pino Ben Hooten Rob Jackson Stephen White Kris Swearingen Alfred Chris Dumond Steve Hall Steve Hunt James Hchchch Connie Blandine Kelly Hull Estelle Jen Diener Ann Fleming Chevy Melissa Greene Dana SimonettiContinue Reading