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Tampa 2011 Update #1

We’re in Tampa! Having a buh-last so far! Just finished the Allstar/Pro Strictly: – Brennar and Alyssa (HILARIOUS dancing, hilarious creative insanity. Brennar was on tonight, all night, his best funniest most outrageous self, red-faced, dripping with sweat, not missing a single instant to do something beautiful, witty, and almost always hysterically funny.) – JohnContinue Reading

Tampa 2011 Update #2

It’s Saturday morning and we’re about to head down to the ballroom to begin our day of JJ’s, Strictlys, and then tonight Young Adult and Classic. It is GORGEOUS weather here on the beach – clear blue skies, waves crashing all day, surfers skidding along, gulls crying, white sand as far as you can seeContinue Reading

Tampa 2011 Update #3

Holy Mackerel!  What a way to ruin a comp! How completely inappropriate can you get? Tonight was Saturday night, the Big Night! Wonderful show, the Willis Clan and their Reality TV pilot! Masters routines! Young Adult routines! Rising Star! And Classic! A wonderful exciting night, right? Two weeks before the Open? But a peculiar announcementContinue Reading

Tampa 2011 Update #4

Breaking News! A third judging panel has been convened to review the scores of the second panel which was convened to review the scores of the original judging panel for the Showcase Division at Tampa Bay Classic 2011. Discussions with a fourth review panel are underway in case this might be needed. In other news,Continue Reading

Tampa 2011 Update #5

And then … Young Adult! Four couples. Astounding! 1. Jackson Willis and Jasmine Willis (Jack’s 13, Jazz is 10) to “Babysittin’ Blues” written by Jessica Willis (she’s 19.) So sweet your teeth hurt, so fast your knees quake, so theatrical your brain explodes! The lines! The drama! The leaps and lifts! And they’re such beautifulContinue Reading

Tampa 2011 Update #6

More Results! Advanced JJ: 1st Place Demery and Elisa DeFoe 2nd Jesse Vos and Jenn Pasetes 3rd Keith Stremmel and Beverly Co 4th Hugo and Stephanie Weiss 5th Evan Schwartz and Sabrina 6th Dave Weiss and Cindy Dionne Intermediate JJ: 1st Place Sheven and Sara 2nd Mario Lett and Alaina Sislay 3rd Jerome Louis andContinue Reading

Tampa 2011 Update #7

Sheesh! Lot of goings-on these past four days. It’s clear the “issue” (I am not sneezing) was ill-timed and mishandled. Judges who should have been consulted weren’t;  judges on the first panel weren’t aware of the second panel; the meeting with competitors was called without prior notice to the judges involved; none of the followingContinue Reading

Tampa 2009 – Update #1

We’re in Tampa! We’re sitting in our room waiting for the four maintenance guys to finish replacing our toilet which, when we flushed it this morning, erupted in a tidal wave flowing out from the base into the room, out into the hall, and seeping down through the baseboards into the room below. We wouldContinue Reading

Tampa 2009 – Update #2

Well, I DO have time to write at this comp, just nothing yet to write about since nothing has happened all day. I hadn’t realized that this entire day is appallingly schedule-free. Nothing starts until 9 tonight! A whole day of, of, of NOTHING! Maybe to give everyone a chance to spend a day onContinue Reading

Tampa 2009 – Update #3

Pool Party in 15 minutes, except this year it’ll be on the beach. I’m standing on the balcony watching the roadies set up speakers, tables and a floor on the brilliant white sand. More DC folks! Ed Francell, Kelly Laderoute, Greg and Lemery and Dinah! We have a good crowd here! We just finished JJContinue Reading