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US Open 2014 Update #12 – Devil In A Blue Dress!

US Open 2014 Update #12 – Devil In A Blue Dress!

                Cameo! It’s the same dress!     “Yes!  It’s the dress my mom wore in 1995!”     “Devil In a Blue Dress!”     What a Throwback!     Cameo and Ben, bringing back this famous routine for the 2015 Circuit year, in a 20th Year AnniversaryContinue Reading

US Open 2014 Update #11 – SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT

US Open 2014 Update #11 – SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT

  Richard and Susan DeFelice Win Second Place In Masters Routines   A judging mistake which had put Richard and Susan DeFelice in last place  —  with a Violation for an illegal break-away  —  has now been rescinded and the correct Second Place score awarded to the couple. The infraction had been presented to theContinue Reading

US Open 2014 Update #10 – Penalties, Violations, Errors! Oh My!

  Someone said on Facebook, “It is utterly fascinating to see the judges’ scores.” I said, “Yes I agree, I love scores. They are both utterly meaningless, and utterly fascinating, at the same time.”     But here’s a question. What the heck are those violations and penalties?!? How many placements are you dropped ifContinue Reading

US Open 2014 Update #9 – STRICTLY SCORES!

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US Open 2014 Update #8 – JACK AND JILL SCORES!

I’m getting a ton of requests for Jack and Jill scores so here they are … (And a reminder that you can also find all scores here, at the World Dance Registry site. They’re much prettier.)                             Are you subscribed to Updates?Continue Reading

US Open 2014 Update #7 – AWARDS!

US Open 2014 Update #7 – AWARDS!

  By now you’ve heard results … Or you watched Awards live last night … But just in case …   Here are the final scores! Which, by the way, were posted on the wall — and online — at the same moment — IMMEDIATELY after Awards were announced — so fast you didn’t evenContinue Reading

US Open 2014 Update #6 – Classic Prelims Coming Up!

    Dancers ’round the world! Did you miss the fabulous show last night? You can watch Opening Ceremonies, Teams, and Showcase now! Click here to purchase divisions or the live stream! Rising Star (first time at the US Open) followed by Classic Prelims begins at 1:30 PST. Tune in at 1:30 and watch live!Continue Reading

US Open 2014 Update #5 – Gandalf and Radagast

  This will be the first year in many, many years that Lance Shermoen will not be scoring. Lance is sorely missed, he’ll be missed forever. He was a huge part of the Open, the dance community, and a beloved, personal friend to many people. Lance was one of the special people. His spirit isContinue Reading

US Open 2014 Update #4 – JnJ’s and ProAms

  Jack and Jills all day today, finals were tonight. All divisions (Masters, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Allstar) dancing an opening All-Skate, then 3-couple Spotlights, and a closing All-Skate. There are a TON of Brasilians here, and a TON of French, and they were sitting in two giant crowds on the left side of theContinue Reading

US Open 2014 Update #3 – HERE WE GO!

  Happy Thanksgiving United States West Coast Dancers! Happy Happy Thanksgiving from the US Open! It’s a beautiful sunny day here at the Open, and we’ve just started Jack and Jills! Here’s the schedule for the weekend  (desktop version)   (mobile version)  if you’re following along … And here’s the live feed …. Last nightContinue Reading