Liza May

AAC 2009 – Update #1

Yallo. Liza here, ACC in Houston. WELL. We have been here since Friday and have been busy dancing, registering, dancing, attending this meeting and that meeting, competing, and spectating. The comp feels big this year, way bigger than last year. Don’t…

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ACC 2009 – Update #2

GUESS WHO WON AANCE??!!!?? ROBBBBBBB! OUR ROB! The way Marion announced it, ” THE Best Novice Male Dancer in The Nation is …… ROB JACKSON!!”

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AAC 2009 – Update #3

Okay … here are the final wonderful totally wonderful wsdc results:

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AAC 2009 – Update #4

Oh, and two other things:

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ACC 2008 – Update #1

I have just emerged from the bathroom of this Continental flight down to Houston for America’s Classic. For a half hour I’ve been in there trying to balance on the closed toilet seat while being thrown back and forth between the walls (pilot says…

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AAC 2008 – Update #2

This MDA is making me neurotic…

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